Iridium Fixed Satellite Terminals

Iridium Fixed Voice and Data Terminals

  • Not Rated

    Beam RST620: TranSAT Fixed Satellite Phone The Beam TranSAT Fixed Satellite Telephone provides a complete hands-free voice and telephone for a wide range of mobile and fixed site applications where easy access to reliable voice and data communications...

    Price: $2,190.00
  • Beam Iridium Remote Satellite Terminal - RST100B
    Not Rated

    Beam Iridium Remote Satellite Voice & Data Terminal -RST100B The Beam Iridium Remote Satellite Terminal RST100B provides reliable and suitable global telecommunications by giving access to voice, data, and messaging services via the Iridium...

    Price: $3,199.99
  • Redport Aurora Iridium Fixed Satellite Phone & WiFi Terminal
    Not Rated

    RedPort Aurora Iridium Fixed Data & Voice WiFi Terminal The Iridium RedPort Aurora allows to use your smartphone as a satellite phone. Aurora is a fixed terminal that provides voice, data and GPS tracking service via Wi-Fi to smartphones, tablets or...

    MSRP: $2,250.00
    Price: $1,997.99
  • ASE Comcenter II Iridium Fixed Station- MC08
    Not Rated

    ASE MC08 ComCenter II Iridium Fixed Terminal - Data and Voice The ASE ComCenter II MC08 fixed terminal brings your Iridium Sat­ellite link indoors to provide secure voice, SMS texting and data communications anywhere in the world at a...

    Price: $4,970.00
  • Sailor SC4000 Iridium Fixed Satellite Phone System
    Not Rated

    Sailor SC4000/ST4120 Iridium Satellite Fixed Telephone System.  The Sailor SC4000 Fixed Satellite Phone system and Iridium offers exceptional voice and data communications without distortion, signal delays, immobility or inconvenient links...

    Price: $3,999.99
  • ASE Iridium Comcenter McC07 Front Side
    Not Rated

    ASE MC07 ComCenter II Iridium Fixed Terminal - Data Only The ASE ComCenter II MC07 fixed terminal brings your Iridium Sat­ellite link indoors to provide secure Data and SMS texting communications anywhere in the world at a low-cost,...

    Price: $2,499.00
  • Iridium Pilot Land Station Data and Voice Terminal
    Not Rated

    Iridium Pilot Portable Broadband Satellite Land Voice and Data Terminal Iridium Pilot Land Station gives you exceptional performance, durability and value on the ground, anywhere in the world. Iridium Pilot simplifies the world of terrestrial...

    Price: $5,199.99
  • ASE Iridium Comcenter Outdoor Satellite Fixed Station-MC05  with mounting kit
    Not Rated

    ASE MC05 Comcenter II Iridium Outdoors Fixed Terminal- with Built in Antenna The ASE ComCenter II Iridium Outdoor fixed terminal offers high quality voice and data for the iridium network, saving time and money in materials and installation. There...

    Price: $3,980.00
  • Beam Iridium RST600 Fixed Data Modem
    Not Rated

     Beam RST 600 Fixed Data Modem The RST600 is a stand-alone module that provides access anywhere on earth to all of the Iridium data services.The Beam RST600 uses the latest Iridium 9522B L-Band transceiver. The RST600 allows the...

    Price: $1,399.99
  • Iridium 9522B L-Band Satellite Transceiver
    Not Rated

    Iridium 9522B L-Band Satellite Transceiver The Iridium L-Band frequency transceiver is a stand-alone module that provides developers a module that can be integrated into application based equipment or dedicated terminal developments. The transceiver is...

    Was: $1,479.99
    Now: $999.99