Vehicular Satellite Internet

Vehicular Satellite Internet Data Terminals

  • Inmarsat Hughes 9450 Vehicular Satellite Internet Modem
    Not Rated

    Hughes 9450 - Class 11 Mobile  BGAN Satellite Internet Terminal The Hughes 9450 Class 1 Mobile Vehicular terminal is the smallest and affordable BGAN terminal. The high performance of this modem can connect at IP broadband speeds of up to464 kbps...

    Price: $7,334.99
  • The Hughes 9350 Vehicular Satellite Internet Modem with  Class 11 Antenna
    Not Rated

    The Hughes 9350  Mobile BGAN Satellite Internet & Voice Terminal  The Hughes 9350 vehicular BGAN terminal provides global connectivity while you are on the move, with high speed broadband access and build in a wireless access point,...

    Price: $12,495.00
  • Cobham Thranr Explorer 527 BGAN Terminal with transceiver
    Not Rated

    Cobham (Thrane & Thrane ) Explorer 527 BGAN Satellite Internet & Voice Terminal The Thrane & Thrane BGAN Explorer 527 Terminal is the ultimate vehicular BGAN system. This terminal provides reliable voice and high speed data connectivity; it...

    Price: $14,748.99
  • Cobham Explorer 727 Vehicular Satellite Internet Terminal
    Not Rated

    Cobham (Thrane) Explorer 727 Vehicular BGAN Satellite Data Terminal The New Model Thrane Explorer 727 vehicular BGAN modem provides access to the highest bandwidth on the BGAN network up to 492kpps. Built to provide voice and broadband data...

    Price: $15,700.00
  • Inmarsat Hughes 9250 Vehicular Satellite Internet Terminal
    Not Rated

    Hughes HNS 9250 Inmarsat BGAN Vehicular Satellite Internet Terminal The Hughes 9250 mobile BGAN terminal provides high-speed broadband access while traveling in a vehicle anywhere in the world. This modem is a gateway to global communication allowing...

    Price: $17,995.00
  • Thrane Explorer 325 Vehicular Satellite Internet Terminal
    Not Rated

    Cobham ( Thrane & Thrane) Vehicular BGAN Explorer 325 Satellite Internet Terminal Thrane & Thrane's Explorer 325 is a compact BGAN system that provides voice and broadband services while you are on the move. The system includes a...

    Price: $6,699.99