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Iridium Authorized Satellite Phone Repair Center with Service, Repair, Maintenance, & Support for Inmarsat, BGAN & Thuraya

How to Start a Satellite Phone Repair/BGAN Repair

Fill out and sign RMA form by either downloading, printing, or fill out online by clicking the blue download button below.

(Once done, call or email at repairs@northernaxcess.com for your RMA number to include on the RMA form. include your RMA number on the form, and on the outside of the box)

Ship equipment with RMA form
We call you for final diagnosis and authorization
Equipment is shipped back to you

*Total Turnaround time – 5-7 days max for complicated repairs. Expedited repair and servicing is available. Contact for details

About NorthernAxcess SatPhone and BGAN Service and Repair Center

Currently our satellite equipment service and repair centre and technicians play a large part in providing services to our customers. We provide satellite phone repairs to all iridium satellite phones, Inmarsat IsatPhones, BGAN Internet Modems, and more. We also assist our customers with technical support 24/7, as well as scheduling training programs and installations. So if you have a sat phone that needs repair, or maintenance, or a BGAN that needs new software or servicing, then contact us for a free estimate by email at: Repairs@NorthernAxcess.com or call us Toll Free at 877.299.9931 or Intl at+1.619.207.4117


Currently we repair or have specialized replacement programs for all Iridium satellite phones from the newest iridium Go, 9575 Extreme and PTT, 9555, 9505A, & discontinued models like the Motorola 9505, and 9500 satphone. We cover a range of iridium global devices such as the new iridium PTT Handsets, LBT's or SBD devices like the 9522B, 9523, 9602, 9603, or also called IoT's servicing. We also perform all Inmarsat IsatPhone repair, Thuraya satphone repair, Globalstar repairs, and BGAN satellite internet terminal repair. For a list of all popular satellite phone repairs for every model iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar and Thuraya satellite phones, as well as all brands and model BGAN terminals then check out our list of satellite equipment models and repairs towards the bottom of this page. All of our satellite equipment repairs come with our quality warranty of service which backs up our repair for any faulty equipment or installation. Our trained repair technicians are there with the education and support the whole way through so that you feel like your in good hands. So call us for your RMA number today.

Satellite Phone Repair Pricing And Information

Below is an informational listing of the most popular types of standard satellite phone repairs or BGAN terminal repairs that we have available. Beginning prices for all stages of sat phone repairs are listed on the table below. These prices are an average and can be less due to repair type, part availability, or current specials.

Due to the technical nature of the satellite phones or BGAN satellite terminals and what has caused the equipment to malfunction, most estimates and availability to parts and repair services for all model BGAN internet modems, and some satellite phones must be given by one of our satellite equipment repair technicians over the phone or in person at our location in Chula Vista, California. Our Repair Centre can be emailed at: Repairs@NorthernAxcess.com and called 24/7 at 877.299.9931 Ext: Repair Centre., or Local/Intnl at:1.619.207.4117

*It's important to note that some satellite phone parts such as certain model Antenna replacements also replace the Back Housing as well, or the other way around. Also certain model sat phone Keypad Boards also replace the Front Housing. On these models and situations of satellite phone repairs then the price of a single part replacement may increase due to the parts thats are needed. Call or email if you have questions

satellite phone repair pricing, labor & install chart-w/BGAN's
evaluation / diagnosis Bench Testing, Re-flashing, and Cleaning $75.00
basic repair *Replacements: Antenna, Battery, Capacitor, Front/Back housing, Internal memory battery, Keypad, Microphone, and Speaker. *Water demage cleaning $250.00 - $300.00
intermediate repair *Replacements: Data port, Keypad Board, LED Screen, SIM card reader/latch door / MMI PCB and Swivel socket/sensor and volume switch $300.00 - $350.00
advanced repair *Re-soldering: Power jack, headset jack, and integrated SIM card readers. All this repairs require resoldering and cleaning of PCI Main Board $350.00 - $400.00
pci/main board replacement *Replacements: PCI Board / Main Board $500.00 - $1000.00
internet terminal repair The prices of the parts and labor time to repair this equipment varies, therefore an evaluation need to be done before giving a repair price. Please contact us for more information on this type of repairs. CONTACT US
offsite repair and installation Repair services and installation of equipment provided offsite will incur charges for parts used, labor rates and/or after hours/weekend, travel expenses, and lodging. Please contact us for additional information and quotes. starting $150.00/hour
NOTE: Offsite labor rate for repairs of satellite equipment is over $90.00 per hour*

*Currently our NorthernAxcess Satellite Phone Repair Centre provides regular discounts, or bulk discount for both Government organizations, and all other satellite communications companies on satcom voice, and data equipment repair and BGAN terminal repair. If your one of these, please call for pricing. Also to note that due to the time it takes us for troubleshooting, diagnosing, and the repair of such satellite communication equipment we must put certain stocking, or holding regulations into effect. This means that after NorthernAxcess has provided the diagnosis, the customer then has 14 days to finalize, and pay for the approved repair, or repairs, In the case the customer does not respond to our invoices, the satellite communication equipment sent in for repair is then decommissioned, and becomes the property of NorthernAxcess. Within smaller time periods NorthernAxcess at their discretion may continue the repair and append additional stocking , holding, and the amounts of each bench testing fee per device. All repairs are paid in advance after diagnosis is provided.

What to do if your Satellite Phone Is Water Damaged

When a satellite phone or BGAN terminal becomes water damaged it can be a serious event. So The first thing that must be done in this case is to remove the battery ASAP to prevent the shorting out of more electronic items on the board, and let the battery and everything dry out. Water is a major electric conductor, and starts the corrosion process around important circuits, so this is generally some of the main reasons for immediate, and future total failure, or damage. If the equipment can be sent to our repair centre ASAP then we can do a water damage treatment which has a 60% chance of taking care of certain satellite phone board damage by restoring its condition, removing unwanted water. This treatment is included in our Shield plan, although this service is never guaranteed.

How to get your Satellite Phone Repaired Free with the NorthernAxcess Protection Shield

The NorthernAxcess Satellite Phone Product Protection Service(aka: Shield) is one of our signature services that we offer to our customers who do not want to have to worry about paying for replacement parts, or labor rates to perform a software upgrade, replace an antenna that was damaged, or an LCD screen that was cracked due to extreme weather environments or a fall, parts that suffered an electric shock, water damage, and a number of other possibilities. This service can be bought at the time of purchase or checkout, or added to your satellite phone by sending it in for inspection. This Protection Service gives you the comfort of having your expensive equipment protected by us, and repaired in house with quick turn around times.

The fact is that the satellite phones and internet terminals are generally used in places and environments that are extreme in every sort of temperature and surrounding. So when things happen to the satellite equipment that you use as a tool, or a necessity,.. you do not have to worry about the high prices of part replacements and labor rates, or who will do the repair for you. Our NorthernAxcess Protection Shield takes the worry out of the way by making sure that your satellite phone or BGAN internet terminal gets repaired, working, maintenanced, and back in the field with a turn around time of between 5 and 7 days at most. The protection Shield currently covers all satellite phones, and can be also purchased separately under 'Services>Protection Plans', or search for the Protection Plan for your model satellite phone


All Shield customers can also take advantage of the 'Point-Of-Contact' service which is included with the plan. The Point-Of-Contact service allows our customers to always have an outside person to contact in the case they need a message relayed, an email sent, a phone call made, or a text message sent. Sometimes when you need to speak with someone that is not there, the satellite airtime prices, sms times can limit you from repeated calls. In this case we will make the call for you to make contact, and have them call you, get a message through, or send help. Emergency calls can also be made with location info.

*To read more about the NorthernAxcess Product Protection with Point-of-Contact service click the link here below, or go to the designated page under service's and repair. You may also purchase this product by going to the designated product protection plan category.

Iridium and Inmarsat Satellite Phone Models, Repairs, and Parts

1.Motorola Iridium 9500 satellite Phone Repair and Parts

  • iridium 9500 refurbishment*
  • iridium 9500 Firmware/software upgrade
  • iridium 9500 Front Housing/Back Housing replacement*
  • iridium 9500 LCD screen installation
  • iridium 9500 Keypad Board repair
  • iridium 9500 Flip Cover repair
  • iridium 9500 speaker/microphone repair
  • iridium 9500 Antenna replacement
  • iridium 9500 PCI Board replacement

2.Iridium 9505/9505A Satellite Phone Repair and Parts

  • iridium 9505/9505A refurbishment*
  • iridium 9505/9505A Firmware/software upgrade
  • iridium 9505/9505A Front Housing/Back Housing replacement*
  • iridium 9505/9505A Sim Card Reader/Door replacement
  • iridium 9505/9505A LCD screen installation
  • iridium 9505/950A Keypad Board repair
  • iridium 9505/950A Power Jack installation/repair
  • iridium 9505/950A speaker/microphone repair
  • iridium 9505/950A Antenna replacement
  • iridium 9505/950A PCI Board replacement

3.Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone Repair and Parts

  • iridium 9555 refurbishment*
  • iridium 9555 Firmware/software upgrade
  • iridium 9555 Front Housing/Back Housing replacement*
  • iridium 9555 Sim Card Reader/Door replacement
  • iridium 9555 LCD screen installation
  • iridium 9555 Keypad Board repair
  • iridium 9555 Power Jack installation/repair
  • iridium 9555 speaker/microphone repair
  • iridium 9555 Antenna replacement*
  • iridium 9555 PCI Board replacement

4.Iridium 9575 Extreme Satellite Phone Repair and Parts

  • iridium 9575 Extreme refurbishment*
  • iridium 9575 Extreme Firmware/software upgrade
  • iridium 9575 Extreme LCD screen installation
  • iridium 9575 Extreme Sim Card Reader/Door replacement
  • iridium 9575 Extreme Front Housing/Back Housing replacement*
  • iridium 9575 Extreme Keypad Board repair*
  • iridium 9575 Extreme SOS Button replacement
  • iridium 9575 Extreme speaker/microphone repair
  • iridium 9575 Extreme Antenna replacement*
  • iridium 9575 Extreme MMI Board replacement
  • iridium 9575 Extreme GPS Board replacement
  • iridium 9575 Extreme PCI Board replacement

5.IsatPhone 2 & Pro Satellite Phone Repairs and Parts

  • IsatPhone 2/Pro refurbishment*
  • IsatPhone 2/Pro Firmware/software upgrade
  • IsatPhone 2/Pro LCD screen installation
  • IsatPhone 2/Pro Front Housing/Back Housing replacement*
  • IsatPhone 2/Pro Keypad Board repair*
  • IsatPhone 2/Pro speaker/microphone repair
  • IsatPhone 2/Pro Sim Card Reader/Door replacement
  • IsatPhone 2/Pro Antenna replacement*
  • IsatPhone 2/Pro MMI Board replacement
  • IsatPhone 2/Pro GPS Board replacement
  • iIsatPhone 2/Pro PCI Board replacement
BGAN Satellite Internet Terminal Repairs

1. Hughes 9201BGAN Repair and Parts

  • Hughes 9201 refurbishment*
  • Hughes 9201 Firmware/software upgrade
  • Hughes 9201 LCD screen installation
  • Hughes 9201 Sim Card Reader repair
  • Hughes 9201 Total Side Panel replacement
  • Hughes 9201 elevation stand replacement*
  • Hughes 9201 Keypad Board repair*
  • Hughes 9201 speaker repair
  • Hughes 9201 Antenna replacement*
  • Hughes 9201 GPS Board replacement
  • Hughes 9201 PCI/Main Board replacement

2. Explorer 300/325, 500/527, 700/727 BGAN Terminal Repair and Parts

  • Explorer 300/325, 500/527, 700/727 BGAN refurbishment*
  • Explorer 300/325, 500/527, 700/727 BGAN Firmware/software upgrade
  • Explorer 300/325, 500/527, 700/727 BGAN LCD screen installation
  • Explorer 300/325, 500/527, 700/727 BGAN Sim Card Reader repair
  • Explorer 300/325, 500/527, 700/727 BGAN elevation stand replacement*
  • Explorer 300/325, 500/527, 700/727 BGAN speaker repair
  • Explorer 300/325, 500/527, 700/727 BGAN Antenna replacement*
  • Explorer 300/325, 500/527, 700/727 BGAN GPS Board replacement
  • Explorer 300/325, 500/527, 700/727 BGAN PCI/Main Board replacement
Some Satellite Phones, and BGAN Satellite internet terminals that are not presented, in which we do provide repair services for are:
  • AdValue Wideye Sabre BGAN Terminal Repair
  • Thrane and Thrane Nera World Pro Repair
  • Iridium Sailor SC4000 Command Station Repair
  • Iridium GO Repair and Replacement
  • Iridium PTT-Push to Talk 9575 Handset Repair or Replacement
  • Iridium LBT,SBD, and IOT 9522B, 9602, 9603, & 9523 Repair or Replacement
  • Globalstar GSP-1600 satellite Phone Repair
  • Globalstar GSP-1700 Satellite Phone Repair

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