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iridium Monthly Airtime

Iridium Monthly Airtime Services, Plans, or Sim Cards are great options for those that use their satellite phones on a regular basis without the need to worry about expiration dates or reloading, how many minutes they have left, where they're at in the world, or their satphone turning off for any of these reasons and more.

Features And Pricing Of Iridium Monthly Airtime Service Plans

Our Iridium Monthly Services have many more detailed extras for our clients such as detailed billing that lets you monitor incoming & outgoing satphone calls, working together we can set limits that that alert us and you of reached use of dollar amounts or minute amounts so that you have no surprises.

Review the different iridium monthly plans available, and the addons available for the monthly plans only (such as a personal USA number/+1 number) for all your iridium handheld satellite phones, iridium fixed satcom stations, or iridium commcenters.

Each plan is tailored with different per minute rates that include minutes, & SMS bundles. If you are not sure which plan is best for you, contact us anytime at 877.299.9931, or email at info@northernaxcess.com for further assistance.

To Finalize Activation of Iridium Monthly Airtime Service Plans

Once you've purchased your monthly plan, you will need to fill out & sign our iridium monthly service agreement that we have here, then return it to us via email or fax so that we can activate your iridium Monthly Airtime Services as quickly as possible

Click to Download & Fill Out Iridium Monthly Airtime Service Agreement Here (PDF)

Iridium Monthly Worldwide Airtime Service Plans and Sim Cards

Iridium Monthly Worldwide Airtime Service Plans and Sim Cards
Iridium Plans Axcess 10 Axcess 75 Axcess 150
Monthly Fee $55.90
Minutes Included 10 Minutes+10 SMS
Per Month
75 Minutes
Per Month
150 Minutes
Per Month
Overage Rate(to Landline & Mobile) $1.30/Min $1.20/Min $1.20/Min
Text/SMS $0.59/SMS $0.35/SMS Unlimited
Activation Fee $50.00 $50.00 $50.00
Additional Services
Optional Services Voicemail: $4.99/Month Local Phone Number $10.99/Month Paper Billing Service : $10.99/Month
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