Fleet One Airtime

Which Fleet One Airtime Plan is best for me

Fleet One Coastal Plans: These plans offer lower rate for data for coastal regions. These plans are available for small vessels only.

Fleet One Global Plans: These plans are available throughout the entire Inmarsat's Coverage Network for small and large vessels.

Inmarsat Fleet One Coastal Airtime Plans

The Fleet One Coastal service offers tailored airtime pricing in key coastal regions to keep costs down. Fleet One Coastal service allows you to purchase airtime for your Addvalue or Cobham Fleet One terminal.

If you leave the home zone of the Fleet One Coastal region your data services will automatically stop, saving you from costly data charges.  Your voice service will remain active allowing you to make calls.

Fleet One Coastal Prepaid Airtime Plans

Megabyte Plan

Voice Minutes


Voucher Units


10 Megabytes

50 min.

1 Month

50 Units

50 Megabytes

250 min.

1 Month

250 Units

60 Megabytes

300 min.

3 Months

300 Units

200 Megabytes

1,000 min.

6 Months

1000 Units

300 Megabytes

1,500 min.

6 Months

1500 Units

1 Gigabyte

5,000 min.

6 Months

5000 Units

Coverage has been extended for all Fleet One plans to include:
All continental coastlines to 200NM or greater, Panama, Suez, Malacca out-of-region corridors, Inland waterways

Fleet One Coastal Coverage Map


Inmarsat Fleet One Global Airtime Plans

Fleet One Global offers voice and data services to a wide range of users, from fishing and regional merchant vessels to global recreational seafarers. This service is available anywhere in the world's seas.

There is no vessel size limit with this service.

The Fleet One Global service offers Prepaid & Monthly airtime plans.

Fleet One Global Prepaid Airtime Plans

Megabyte Plan Voice Minutes Validity Voucher Units Price
10 Megabytes 50 min 1 Month 50 $132.00
50 Megabytes 250 min 1 Month 250 $515..00
100 Megabytes 500 min 3 Months 500 $1150.00
200 Megabytes 1,000 min 6 Months 1000 $2150.00
300 Megabytes 1,500 min 6 Months 1500 $2950.00
1 Gigabyte 5,000 min 6 Months 5000 $8950.00

 Global Coverage Map


Inmarsat Fleet One Coastal & Global  Monthly Airtime Plans

Fleet One Coastal & Global Monthly Airtime Service Plans

Fleet One Plan Coastal Axcess 10 Coastal Axcess 25 Global Axcess 10 Unlimited Americas Axcess
Monthly Fee $79.99
Megabytes Included 10 Megabytes*  
Per Month(Home Zone Only)
25 Megabytes*  
Per Month(Home Zone Only)
10 Megabytes  
Per Month
Per Month/throttles after 60MB
Voice Minutes Included
(to Landline & Mobile)
15 Minutes*  
Per Month(Home Zone Only)
60 Minutes*  
Per Month(Home Zone Only)
0 Minutes 0 Minutes
Overage Data MB Rate
(Standard Background IP)
$5.99/Megabyte $5.80/Megabyte $8.99/Megabyte $21.99/Megabyte
(Out of Region Usage Only)
Overage Voice Min. Rate
(to Landline & Mobile)
$0.65/Min $0.65/Min $0.65/Min $0.85/Min
Text/SMS $0.59 $0.59 $0.59 $0.59
Contract Length 12 Months 12 Months 3 Months 3 Months
Additional Services
Optional Services : Tracking Services :$25.00/Month Voicemail: $4.99/Month Local Phone No. $10.99/Month Data Monitoring : $60.00/Month
Note: *The Standard Background IP Data does not work outside of the Home Zone for the Coastal Axcess Plans Only.
**The Regional Unlimited Americas Axcess Plan covers Coastal regions of North and South America including the US Caribbean.

Inmarsat Fleet One Americas Coastal Region Leisure Coverage Map 

This plan covers Coastal regions of North and South America including the US Caribbean. The Unlimited Americas plan offers attractive rates with superior performance, speeds up to 100kbps and unlimited data around the whole American continent coast.

arn more about Fleet One Americas Leisure Airtime Service.