External Batteries & Power Packs

External Batteries & Power packs for Satellite Equipment

These batteries or power packs are back up external batteries that provide a larger amount of power to provide hours of charge to satellite communication equipment such as satellite phones, BGANs, satelite wifi hotspots, and even other electronic equipment.

  • BEAM battery pack kit for the Iridium  9555 satellite phone, Beam Terminals, Apple iPhone,StarpakPRO, 9555SD and 9555PDMD Portable Docking Stations
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    BEAM UPS Battery Pack Kit - RST055 The BEAM RST055 is a small, high quality UPS battery backup option for a range of devices. The RST055 is well suited as a UPS for the Beam RapidSAT as well as being able to charge the Iridium 9555 satellite phone or...

    Price: $540.00