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Iridium Prepaid Regional Airtime

Iridium Prepaid Regional Airtime Sim Cards and Service Plans gives users much lower per minute rates in all the specialty areas that allow those that will be using their satellite phone or iridium voice and data commcenter device in one specific place to take advantage of being able to have more affordable iridium satellite airtime options

Iridium Regional Prepaid Airtime Service Plans

NorthernAxcess Satellite Communications
Regional PlanRegionPriceValidityMinutes Transferable
Northern Lights 200 Alaska & Canada $280.00 6 Months Yes
Latin America 200 Latin America $279.99 6 Months Yes
Mena 500 Middle East/N. Africa $460.00 12 Months No
Africa 300 Africa $299.95 12 Months Yes
Africa 600 Africa $549.95 12 Months Yes
Africa 900 Africa $799.95 12 Months Yes
Africa 1500 Africa $1299.95 12 Months. Yes

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