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product protection shield for satellite phones and BGANs


About The NorthernAxcess Satellite Phone and BGAN Product Protection Shield


The NorthernAxcess Satellite Phone and BGAN Product Protection Shield is one of our exclusive services that gives our customers a type of protection that goes far beyond the manufactures warranty or any other after-market service that other companies provide.

The NorthernAxcess Shield is an affordable way to maintenance and repair your satellite phone or BGAN modem. The satellite equipment such as satellite phones and BGAN satellite internet modems are different than household electronics in the fact that the satellite equipment usually is a more costly investment, and also because the equipment such as a satellite phone is used as life saving equipment. They also are not produced or manufactured in as much heavy demand as most other electronics, which makes servicing and repairing something like a satellite phone more exclusive and expensive. So things like an LCD screen crack, or an antenna break are generally very costly, and will leave you without your satellite phone or modem for around 90 days. In some case the manufactures warranty is voided upon certain physical damages.

Our NorthernAxcess Shield Program basically takes away the expensive repairs, the long waiting, the unanswered calls, and no support, and makes it so that you will always have a technician you know by name that will assist you, making your needed repairs fast, always letting you know the status of repair, giving you free one time replacement parts on certain items like antennas, LCD screens, and more, also providing unlimited one on one support, maintenance, cleaning, firmware upgrades, and more.

**Currently our NorthernAxcess Satellite Phone Repair and Product Protection Shield comes with our Point of Contact service for free, which allows our customers to be able to get a message of any kind to their family, friends or colleagues in case they do not have many minutes left on their prepaid card, or if they just cannot get of hold of anyone at that time. In that case you can either call us, or send us a text, or email and we will get the message out for you by phone, text, or email. this is a great business tool for those that need to relay certain messages, as well as a safety service in that we will make emergency calls for you in the case that you could not get through to anyone else. This is an exclusive service that we make available only to our customers.


Types of Satellite Phone Repairs or Satellite Phone Replacement Parts That Are Covered On The Protection Shield*

*LCD Screens Replacement  *Front and Back Housings Replacement  *Charging ports Replacement  *Keypad Boards  *Water and Moisture Damage Cleaning and Treatment *Satellite Phone Firmware Upgrades  *Free Satellite Phone Bench Testing and Evaluation  *Battery Replacement  *Antenna Replacement  *KeyPad Replacement  Antenna Socket Replacment  *Antenna Socket Board Replacment  *Antenna Sensor..and many more satellite phone repairs, replacment part and services. 


*All model Satellite Phones have different replacement parts, so some mentioned here might not be a valid replacment part or repair for the model satellite phone that you have. So call a satellite phone service and repair tech

nician or support representative with any questions on if your damaged part is covered on your model satellite phone or BGAN Internet Modem. For all BGAN Modems calls us for prices.

Toll Free: 877.299.9931 

Intl: +1.619.207.4117



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