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Iridium GO Prepaid Airtime

The prepaid Iridium GO! airtime is a suitable and cost-effective global communication method, if you are planning to use your Iridium Go WiFi Hotspot device for seasonal projects, emergency only or if you are a worldwide traveler because the plans have the same rates for all countries and continents. You can save money by choosing to use iridium GO prepaid airtime and avoid paying monthly bills for long term contracts and subscription fees while having global coverage anywhere in the world.

You can review and select the number of data or voice minutes you think you will use and compare the minute rate per plan. Review the airtime tables for specifics or contact us at 877.299.9931, or email us at support@northernaxcess.com.

Iridium GO Prepaid Global Airtime Service Plans


Iridium GO 400

Iridium GO 1000

Iridium GO Text + 3000


$534.99 $819.99 $399.99

Data Min. if used for Data only

400 Minutes.

1000 Minutes.

60 Minutes.

Voice Min. if used for Voice only

200 Minutes.

500 Minutes.

120 Minutes.

Text Message Min. if used for SMS only

2000 SMS

5000 SMS

3000 SMS

Minutes Transferable





6 Months

12 Months

6 Months

Minutes can be used for Voice, Data, Text or in combination.

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