Satellite WiFi Hotspot Batteries

Satellite WiFi Hotspot Batteries For All Iridium & IsatHub Wifi Hotspots

  • Wideye iSavi Standard Battery
    Not Rated

    Wideye iSavi 3 AmpHour Standard Battery Pack The Wideye  iSavi comes with a 3 amp hour battery pack. Keep a spare battery in case the first one runs out of power or if you are going to be in places wihout electric power. 

    Price: $310.00
  • Iridium GO Li-ion Rechargeable battery with box
    Not Rated

    Iridium GO! Internal Removable Battery-WBAT1301 The Iridium GO! 3600mAh Battery for Iridium GO! Wifi Hotspot device can be used as a replacement or extra battery when you are traveling to remotes areas. The door cover can be purchased separate...

    Price: $79.99