SatCom Installation & Training



Installation & Training


We provide these services for most satellite communication applications. For those of our customers that are local we will come to your location to evaluate and provide you with an estimate, then it is up to you to schedule with one of our technicians to get the job done. We also provide installation services for our customers in other states. We have contacts and work with many different technicians and installation services that we will have call you and schedulae a time to come and evaluate the site and provide you with an estimate, and scheduling on site. 

For the service technicians in and out of our local area we make sure that we work with some of the best in the industry so that you have a functioning system when it is done. We also take the time to show you how to work the system that we are installing and leave you with all the proper guides and manuals to operate and troubleshoot. Because of the fact that every job is different and that we do work in all states, the prices for installation can be a bit different, which is why the job needs to be evaluated on site first. However some of our starting inspection charges, evaluation charges, and hourly fees are listed here below. We have also provided a example list of some of the types of satellite communication systems that we provide service and installation for here below. We do work for Hospitals, Police, Corporate Buildings, Government Buildings, TV Stations, Marinas, Boat Owners and more....

Remember that if you have any questions what-so-ever then give us a call and one of our technicians will be glad to help you answer anything we can over the phone. Our Toll Free number is 877.299.9931, and you can email questions to;


Types of Satellite Communication Systems That Require Installation


Land  & Vehicular Systems

  • Docking Stations for satellite phones
  • Command Centers with PBX Phone Support
  • External Antennas
  • Active Powered Antennas
  • Car Kits with external Speakers for satellite phones
  • BGAN satellite Internet Systems with Auto tracking antennas for vehicles
  • Home systems
  • Desk Satellite Phones
  • SatPhone system for sending email
  • Machine to Machine Terminals for data
  • Outdoor Enclosures for voice and data
  • Satellite tracking Systems in vehicles 

Marine Systems

  • Fleet Broadband satellite internet systems with auto tracking antenna and below deck modem
  • KVH systems
  • Satellite TV systems
  • Docking Stations 
  • Desk Phones
  • SatPhone System For Sending Email, Getting Weather info, Charts ect...
  • Marine Mast Antennas
  • Cable Runs
  • Powered Antennas
  • Satellite Tracking Systems

Prices for off site evaluation and estimates is:

  • $150 to start and show up on job site
  • $100 per hour
  • $50 flat rate for every 2 hours of driving to the job site and separately for ride back if done the same day
  • Any Hotel accommodations are paid for by the customer
Call Us regarding any Aeronautical Satellite System Installations.

Training Program


Our training program is set up for on site and off site training. We provide these services for existing and new customers alike. we have a very wide range of modals and systems that we provide when it comes to our training program. We specialize in Corporate, Government, and Small or Privately owned businesses. If there is a situation where you ave a new satellite system, or an older satellite system, or even multiple terminals, then you can schedule a time with one of our technicians to come out and perform an on site training with all of your staff, or personell as to how to operate, and maintain your satellite system in the case of emergencies or standard operating procedures.


Of Course when one of our customers purchases a satellite system or terminal from us we do provide support and certain training over the phone or at our office location, however any and all off-site training, operation, and system set up is not included in a standard purchase.


When you schedule a training class with us, we come out with all the support documents for the amount that you tell us will be attending the training, so that everyone will be instructed. We do personal one on one system operation and set up, as well as ways to troubleshoot yourself. We also provide general system set-up for satellite systems that require certain data connections, router settings, tracking personalization settings and more.


We also have special repair training classes done mostly for training other satellite communication companies on how to start a repair department, how to repair and troubleshoot satellite phones and bgan's, how to circulate inventory and drive business, how to provide, and sell value added services, and more. These are special classes that need to be scheduled at least 4 weeks in advance. These can be done out of state, and out of country. You can call for more details on this or anything else here at 877.299.9931, or email one of our technicians at our repair centre at


Some of the prices for training off-site are listed here below

  • $150 to start and show up-first hour ---$300 to start for first hour of out of state training ---$500 for out of country first hour
  • $100 per hour --- $125 for out of state ---$250 for out of country
  • $50 flat rate for every 2 hours of driving to the job site and separately for ride back if done the same day
  • Any Hotel accommodations are paid for by the customer with surcharge
  • Any Plane tickets are paid for by customer with surcharge
  • for out of state and out of country training, all food expenses are billed to customer as well

We provide these services for all of the following types of satellite networks: 

  • Iridium satellite communication network
  • Inmarsat Communication Network
  • Thuraya Communication Network
  • Globalstar Communication Network

For all products and services not mentioned above please call us at 877.299.9931, or email with questions


Also note that we do not represent any of the satellite networks mentioned here, but we are a separate entity performing our own services, and are not making any quotes towards said satellite networks.