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BGAN Monthly Airtime

Inmarsat BGAN Monthly Airtime Plans

You can review the different monthly plans available for BGAN airtime service that allows you to use  Data, Voice and SMS.  If you are not sure which plan is best for you, feel free to contact us at 877.299.9931, or email at info@northernaxcess.com for further assistance.

Northern Axcess offer the Standard Plan that you pay only for what you use and a monthly subscription fee, the Mid Usage Plans for moderate usage and the High Usage Plans for end data users that want to have constant availability to satellite internet through their BGAN terminal or use Streaming or HDR services.

How to Sign Up for Inmarsat Portable & Mobile BGAN Monthly Airtime Plans

Once you have purchased your monthly BGAN plan, you must sign the agreement and return it to us via email or fax to activate your service.

Download BGAN Monthly Airtime Service Agreement Here (PDF).

BGAN Monthly Airtime Service Plans

Inmarsat BGAN PlanMonthly FeeIncluded MBData OverageVoice CallsSMSContract Length
Standard $70.99 5 MB $6.65/MB $0.99/Min $0.90 ea. 12 Months
21 MB Plan $120.50 21 MB $5.80/MB $0.96/Min $0.90 ea. 3 Months
100 MB Plan $440.50 100 MB $5.10/MB $0.92/Min $0.90 ea. 6 Months
750 MB Plan $2780.99 750 MB $4.50/MB $0.90/Min $0.80 ea. 12 Months
2105 MB Plan $6150.99 2105 MB $3.20/MB $0.80/Min $0.80 ea. 12 Months

Inmarsat Coverage for Portable BGAN Monthly Airtime Service

The service is delivered via Inmarsat-4 (I-4) network. All three I-4 satellites collectively cover all surfaces of the earth, except for extreme Polar Regions. With Inmarsat network you can deploy and monitor your fixed operations wherever they are in the world with the same communications solution. The geostationary location of the satellites makes a reliable service that is not affected by outages often experienced by terrestrial or cellular technology in severe weather, or when communications go down following a natural or man-made disaster.

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