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Iridium Satellite Phone Airtime

Find the best iridium Airtime Service Plans for Prepaid, Regional, and Iridium Monthly Pay-As-You-Go custom & flexible airtime plans that are best for you. All iridium SatPhone airtime service plans can be used for Iridium Satellite Phones, Fixed SatCom terminals, iridium command centers, & Voice and Data LBT terminals. 

If you have an iridium GO, 9601, 9602, 9603, or other SBD (short burst data system ) devices, or an iridium Pilot Open Port system, then you will need different airtime plans, and sim cards. You can find that info here on our site, or feel free to call one of our support technicians to help you get what you need at 877-299-9931, or email us at support@northernaxcess.com

Iridium Global Prepaid Airtime Sim Card Plans

PlanPriceValidityTransferable Minutes
Global 75 $169.95 30 Days Yes
Global 150 $324.95 2 Months Yes
Global 200 $524.99 6 Months Yes
Global 222 canceled $499.95 Discontinued Discontinued
Global 300 $689.99 12 Months No
Global 500 $799.99 12 Months Yes
Global 750 $749.95 6 Months No
Global 1000 $1589.99 24 Months Yes
Global 3000 $2899.95 24 Months Yes
Global 5000 $4199.95 24 Months Yes
30 Day Extension $74.99 30 Days N/A
50 Extra Min. Cancelled $89.95 Discontinued Discontinued

Features of Iridium Worldwide or Global Prepaid Airtime Cards

  • Most card plans are reloadable and can be replenished easily.
  • Free Voicemail.
  • Worldwide Coverage.
  • Free Direct Incoming Call and Text.
  • The two-stage dialing system: enables dialing callers to connect to a satellite phone by calling a U.S based number (480-768-2500). The call is then routed to your Iridium handset.

The prepaid Iridium airtime is a suitable and cost-effective global communication method, if you are planning to use your satellite phone for seasonal projects, emergency only or if you are a year-round worldwide traveler because the plans have the same rates for all countries and continents.

You can save money using iridium prepaid airtime and avoid long term contracts commitment and subscription fees while having global coverage anywhere in the world. You will also avoid credit checks approval, security deposits or unexpected service charges.

The most popular choice of all the iridium prepaid plans is the Global 500 minutes, an the now Global 300 minutes prepaid service plan that has replaced the older 222 minute sim card. The reason for this is becasue all the iridium prepaid plans from 300 and up last for a 12 month period, or 24 month period, and you save allot of money by beginning on one of these cards with 12 months validity. For short term projects needing a lot of minutes, the Global 750-minute sim card can be a great alternative. If you want to use your Iridium phone extensively, consider higher minutes plans such as the global 1000, 3000 and 5000 minutes plans that offer lower cost rate per minutes and longer validation time frame. If you are thinking of just using your satellite phone for small but regular periods, need special features, or need a breakdown of calls made each month, then a monthly iridium service plan might be best for you, which you can see below or on the iridium monthly airtime section. Feel free to call with questions or support for whats best for you at 877-299-9931, or email support@northernaxcess.com


Iridium Regional Airtime Prepaid Sim Cards

Regional PlanRegionPriceValidityMinutes Transferable
Northern Lights 200 Alaska & Canada $280.00 6 Months Yes
Latin America 200 Latin America $279.99 6 Months Yes
Mena 500 Middle East/N. Africa $460.00 12 Months No
Africa 300 Africa $299.95 12 Months Yes
Africa 600 Africa $549.95 12 Months Yes
Africa 900 Africa $799.95 12 Months Yes
Africa 1500 Africa $1299.95 12 Months. Yes

Features of Iridium Regional Prepaid Airtime Service Plan Sim Cards

  • Most card plans are reloadable and can be replenished easily.
  • Free Voicemail.
  • Free Direct Incoming Call and Text.
  • The two-stage dialing system

Iridium offers Specialized Regional Prepaid Plans for specific areas with lower rates per minutes for Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Alaska and Canada.

The Africa Prepaid Sim Cards includes roaming in all of the countries in the continent of Africa. Africa regional prepaid cards are available with 12 month expiry periods and increments of 300 minutes. 

The MENA Prepaid Plan can be used in select countries through the Middle East and North Africa. You get 500 minutes that are valid for 12 months.

The Iridium Prepaid Alaska/Canada Sim Card is a regional plan that provides discounted airtime rates in Canada and Alaska.  You get 200 minutes that are valid for six months.

The South America Sim Card provides the best rates per minute for satellite phone users in Latin America countries. You get 200 minutes that are valid for six months.


Iridium Monthly Worldwide Airtime Service Plans and Sim Cards

Iridium Plans Axcess 10 Axcess 75 Axcess 150
Monthly Fee $55.90
Minutes Included 10 Minutes+10 SMS
Per Month
75 Minutes
Per Month
150 Minutes
Per Month
Overage Rate(to Landline & Mobile) $1.30/Min $1.20/Min $1.20/Min
Text/SMS $0.59/Min $0.35/Min Unlimited
Activation Fee $50.00 $50.00 $50.00
Additional Services Voicemail
Local Phone Number
Paper Billing Service

Features of the Iridium Monthly Worldwide Airtime Service Plans

  • Detailed call records on statement each month
  • Convenience of uninterrupted service without having to manage usage and airtime online.
  • +1 Access service allows to associate your Iridium number with a US-based telephone number.
  • The two-stage dialing system
  • Worldwide Coverage.
  • Free Incoming Call and Text

The Iridium Postpaid Monthly plan offer worldwide communications coverage without the need to be concerned about a prepaid sim card expiring or having a low balance. You will pay a monthly service fee of $45.95 and get a monthly detailed statement of the call records. If you don’t use any minutes, you will only have to pay for the monthly subscription.

The Plan gives you the advantage of minimal monthly expense that you can budget instead of paying for prepaid minutes up front, and know that your satellite phone will be ready to use whenever you need it. The other advantage is that it is an unlimited minutes account, so when you use minutes, you would be able to use as many as you need.

This Plan is the best option if you need your Iridium phone or fixed terminal strictly for emergencies, or planning on occasionally using airtime.

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