Iridium Prepaid 150 min Global Airtime Sim Card

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Iridium  Prepaid 150 Minutes Worldwide Sim Card for Satellite Phones

The Worldwide Iridium 150 minutes prepaid sim card offer low rates and global coverage with no contracts for iridium satellite phones airtime.This sim card is valid for 2 months from the activation date and can be reloaded. If you have valuable unused airtime remaining, you can extend the expiry date for 30 days, without having to recharge the card with more airtime. The Iridium Worldwide Prepaid Plans provide an ideal solution if you're working on short term or seasonal projects or if you are a worldwide traveler because this plan has the same rates for all countries and continents.

*All Prepaid Iridium  SIM Cards require a one time $25.00 Activation fee.

* 30 DAY EXTENSION: Extends an Active Prepaid Worldwide Card's Period of Validity for 30 Days. No Additional Minutes Are Added.Charges Are Flat Rated.

 You can purchase the 30 Days  Extension on the Airtime Reload Category.

Iridium Prepaid Global Airtime Service Plans Available



  • Incoming calls and messages can be received throughout the entire Iridium coverage.
  • The total minutes for prepaid cards are calculated based on calls placed from an iridium phone (mobile originated) to a landline phone (PSTN).
  • All calls are billed in 20 second increments.
  • Prepaid cards give you the option to check your Iridium Prepaid Balance at anytime by dialing 2888 from your Satellite Phone. This is a free call.
  • Calls to check your voicemail are considered as outgoing calls.
  • Expiry dates are effective from the date the card is activated, or recharged.
  • Lost or damaged SIM cards can have unused minutes transferred to a new SIM card for ($125 fee)
  • Grace period for renewals: 180 days from date of expiry. If expiry grace period is missed, a new SIM card will need to be ordered.


  • All SIM Cards require a one time $25.00 Activation fee.
  • Calls made to another satellite network such as Inmarsat, Globalstar, Thuraya are debited at a higher rate than a standard Iridium-to-Land line call.
  • Cards must be replenished prior to expiration date in order to retain unused minutes.
  • Cards may be replenished within 180 days of the expiration date to retain Iridium phone number. Unused minutes will be lost.
  • Cards that are not replenished within 180 days of their expiration can no longer be used.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Prepaid airtime is non-refundable
  • If you run out of your pre-paid minutes on your sim card,  it may take a 24-48 hours to reload you card.
  • Prices do not include any applicable taxes.

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