Satellite Wifi Hotspots

The New Generation of Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspots for Smartphones or Tablets.

How Do Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspots Work?

What these satellite hotspots do is create a Wi-Fi hotspot from the satellite signal that the satellite hotspot device is connected to, such as either the Iridium satellite network, or the Inmarsat satellite network. Both networks have their strong points, and their weak points so make sure you either speak to one of our techs regarding the best one for you, or research our site to see the coverage, features, and speed you get out of the two satellite networks.

Which Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot is Best for you

Iridium Go!

Iridium Satellite Network, and its Iridium GO satellite Wi-Fi hotspot is not made for browsing the internet at high speeds at this time. However, it is made for easily sending email, SMS, and Social media. The maximum speed on the Iridium network is 10 kbps, which is slower than dial up. This means that even with the compression of some of the Iridium Go Apps, you will be very lucky to download a single page, and the time it may take to do it could cost more than if you were to use one of the Inmarsat high speed terminals. However, the Iridium network is also the largest most reliable out of the box system that has the most total and complete coverage of all the satellite systems. It covers from pole to pole. It can do most everything else such as email, sms, GPS, and even send SOS. Check out the many other features by clicking on the Iridium GO below.

Inmarsat iSatHub

Inmarsat's satellite network is not quite as large, and doesn't have near the coverage area, however it has been around for over 15 years, and is the only network used by any company or individual that needs high speed internet while on land, sea, or air. Inmarsat's new iSatHub does not fall short of anything Inmarsat has specialized in, and as a matter of fact they have found a way to produce a device line in which is more affordable devices, and have lowered the per megabyte data rate from $7-$8 per megabyte down to $4-$6 per megabyte. The new ISatHub Devices also have many other features, and likewise it can connect your smartphones, tablets, and even laptops to the iSatHub device, which makes these new devices an awesome traveling partner.

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