Iridium PTT Push-to-Talk Airtime

Iridium & NorthernAxcess PTT Push To Talk Airtime Services Plans offer the new Special Global monthly airtime service plans specifically for activation of Iridium PTT Push to Talk service.

Iridium Push To Talk (PTT) Airtime Serivice Plan, Details & Price Structuring

Global Push Talk Airtime Service Plans are made to be used anywhere in the world. Iridium Push Talk equiment and services is now much simpler. For the global small and medium talkgroup you pay absolutely no fees except for the monthly hanset fee, and the optional voice service if needed. You can set up the talkgroups anywhere in the world without any limitations. This makes iridium's push to talk the world first completely global push to talk service for business, government, emergency services, forestry, personal, or pleasure in the entire world without any gap in service from North pole to South pole.

Details of some of the current PTT Airtime specials & regular plans

Iridium Extreme Push-to-Talk The Iridium Push to Talk network now has the power of fast, simple and secure group communication available on the toughest, most feature-rich satellite phone on the market, all at the push of a button.It allows multiple users to share a common voice and broadcasting to all users in a net or to share their connection for push-to-talk voice applications.

Download & fill out Iridium Push To talk Airtime Service Agreement,Talkgroup & Location Form

Download Iridium PTT or Push to Talk Monthly Airtime Service Agreement (PDF)

Download Iridium PTT Talkgroup and location names, handset imei,and sim card organization form (PDF)

Features of Iridium PTT Service Plans

  • Free Monthly Talkgroups & Unlimited PTT for all global small and medium size talkgroups.
  • Unlimited PTT talk time with the Global and Middle East Regional Unlimited Plans. No per minute cost.
  • All Talkgroups support an unlimited number of assigned handsets at no additional cost
  • PTT Messaging among devices in Talk Group is Unlimited

Global & Regional Middle Eastern Iridium Push To Talk Airtime Service Plans

Currently the Global Plan offers FREE talk group for small and medium group levels with unlimited PTT Push to Talk airtime service.

The Iridium PTT Small(up to 100,000 km2) and Medium (up to 300,000 km2) group levels are at a zero charge and includes the unlimited service for either group size.You can have up to three different groups at no cost.The ONLY fee will be the per handset fee starting at $72 per month. A minimum of 3 handset are required in the small and medium talkgroup for this offer.

Global Iridium PTT Talkgroup Plan Fees

Global Iridium PTT Talkgroup Plan Fees

Talk Group Size

SQ. Kilometers

Monthly Fee (Includes Unlimited PTT Minutes.)


100,000 km2



300,000 km



750,000 km2


Extra Large

1,500,000 km2



2, 250,000 km2


The Global plans do not work in the Middle East Region. If you plan on any use in this region see Middle East plans.

Middle East Region Iridium PTT Talkgroup Plan Fees

Middle East Region Iridium PTT Talkgroup Plan Fees

Talk Group Size

600 Min./Month

6000 Min./Month


*Overage ($/Min)

Small (Up to 100,000 km2)





Medium (Up to 300,000 km2)

Not Available




Large (Up to 750,000 km2)

Not Available




Extra Large (Up to 1,500,000 km2)

Not Available

Not Available



 Jumbo (Up to 2, 250,000 km2)

Not Available

Not Available



*Applied when usage exceeds the minutes in the monthly allowance.

Iridium PTT Device/Handset Monthly Fees

Iridium PTT Device/Handset Monthly Fees

Fees Per Device

Monthly Fee

Term Commitment

Global Short-Term Plan


3 Months

Global Long-Term Plan


12 Months

Middle East Regional Plan



A one-time $25 activation fee applies per device/handset

Iridium PTT Voice Service

Iridium PTT Voice Service

Voice Plan

Monthly Fee

Bundle minutes

North America Regional Plan


0 Minutes

Global Plan


0 Minutes

Middle East Regional Plan


0 Minutes

The billing of Iridium PTT Services is divided in these sections, optional features & minimums

  1. Handset Fee: Starting at $72 per month per handset.
  2. Talkgroups Service Monthly Fee:    Groups of PTT handsets that communicate with each other. Price rates are determined by the group size and Monthly Usage Allowance.
  3. Standard Iridium Satellite Phone Service (Optional):  Voice phone service for the Iridium PTT handsets is an optional service. 
  4. Iridium Push-To-Talk service requires a minimum activation of 1 Talk Group which combines at least 2 active Handsets.

Iridium Voice Calling Features & Services for the Push to Talk 9575-(Optional Service)

The Iridium Voice phone airtime service for the Iridium PTT handsets is optional. The North America Regional plan has no monthly fee when you activate PTT service and you will pay only for the minutes used. The activation of Global Voice plan airtime is $24.99/month and the Middle East Regional Plan is $64.99/month. For more details view the service agreement. You will receive a Free sim card so we recommend to activate this service and take advantage of this special offer.

The Iridium PTT phone is built on the backbone of the Iridium Extreme satellite phone, so it can take advantage of its tough military & environmentally tough IP65 resistant design as well as all of the other features that make the 9575 satphone the best satellite handsets used globally. Also all of the same Iridium satellite phone airtime service plans can be activated & used with the iridium 9575 PTT Push to Talk satphone. One of the interesting things of the 9575 PTT satphone is that it is either in PTT mode, or Voice calling mode. So this means the user of the iridium 9575 Push to Talk PTT satphone MUST switch to 'voice mode' to make & receive calls. This is all done through the easily controlled handset menu options.

Iridium PTT Talk Group General Information

  • A Talk Group is a collection of Iridium Extreme PTT devices that have been provisioned to transmit instant voice communication to each other within a specified geographic area(s).
  • Each Talk Group's coverage may be split into up to 10 different coverage "regions". There are no restrictions on where the coverage may be placed on the earth.
  • Talk Group size limits are related to the total area covered by the Talk Group.
  • Talk Group coverage area are defined within the PTT Command Center through the placement of circles, squares and rectangles on a map or by using specific latitude / longitude coordinates in a list view.
  • A subscriber may have more than one Talk-group and handsets can be added to more than one Talk-group (up to 15).

Iridium Push-To-Talk Command Center

The PTT command center provides a web-based interface for managing subscriber access to available Talkgroups and definition of regional coverage for Iridium Push-to-Talk Service. The command center lets you define the service locations with bounding boxes and sizable circles. These regions will be where the PTT phones will operate in a Talkgroup. Regions may be moved at any time instantly.


Learn What you can do in your Iridium & NorthernAxcess PTT Command Center such as Track, Relocate, Navigate, and Much More

  • Create PTT service regions of each purchased Talkgroups on a global interactive map
  • Name all PTT handsets
  • Name each Talkgroups
  • Drag-and-drop PTT handsets onto Talkgroups
  • Update PTT service regions at any time

The Iridium PTT command center makes the process of creating and managing Talk group areas, Talk group names and device allocations fast and simple.

How to change location, size or Regions on our Iridium PTT Talkgroups portal

  • Users can select regions with the rectangular or circular tool. Clicking on the tool will drop a shape on the map that can be re-positioned, re-sized and rotated to cover the selected area and a geographic area can be named.
  • Regions can be selected graphically on a map or by using specific coordinates in list view. Up to 10 regions may be included within the total area of each Talkgroups.