IsatPhone Cable

Inmarsat IsatPhone Cable for Isatphone Pro & IsatPhone 2

  • Beam ISD932 Inmarsat 6m (20 feet)  antenna cable
    Not Rated

    Beam 6M/13M/18.5M/31M /40M Active Cable Kit - IsatDOCK / Oceana  Beam ISD932, ISD933, IDS934, ISD935, ISD938,ISD942,ISD943,ISD944, ISD945, ISD946 and ISD947 cable kits provide flexible installation for most marine or transport installations and are...

    Price: $190.00
  • Beam ISD936 Inmarsat 10m (32 feet) antenna cable
    Not Rated

    Beam 10Mto 50M Passive Cable Kits - IsatDOCK/Terra Beam ISD936, ISD937, ISD939, ISD940, and ISD41 Inmarsat antenna cable provides fixed site installations and is pre-terminated with SMA/TNC connectors. The kit includes Inmarsat antenna cable and GPS...

    Price: $220.00