The Satellite Communication Industry

The Satellite Communication Industry is divided into different sectors which are specific for certain feilds of operation or use. Some of the main areas of use for satellite communication are Land Satellite Communication, Marine Satellite Communication, and Aviation Satellite Communication. 

There are of course many other different specialty fields that require the use for satellite communication equipment and service, such as Media, Oil and Gas, Government, Military, Corporate, Meteorology, Hiking, Hunting, and more. However ever within these many other feilds they can easiliy be understood through whether you will be using the satellite communication equipment for Portable, Vehicular or Fixed Land use, Portable or Fixed Marine use, or Portable or Fixed Aeronautical use. 

SatCom Equipment Use, and Installation Methods 

1. Portable Satellite Communication Systems - Any Handheld or portable satcom equipment that can be taken with you, carried, and moved from one place to another. These terminals and systems can be used in most all sectors. Such systems are:

2. Vehicular Satellite Communication Sytems - Any SatCom terminals or devices that are used inside a vehicle or installed in a vehicle with the use of external satellite antennas. Such systems are:

3. Fixed Satellite Communication Systems - SatCom equipment that is installed and fixed in one place that does not move from that position, and used with an external satellite antenna, such as an emergency satcom system inside a hospital, which may use a all in one unit command center, or a docking station installed which holds a portable satellite phone within the docking station itself and can be removed for portable use. Fixed Satellite Systems can be used with all sectors, however vehicular, and marine satcom equipment are different for there installation and usage areas. Such systems are: