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Satellite Routers/Access Points

Wireless Satellite Routers and Wifi Access Points for SatPhones & BGANs

Satellite Wifi routers allow those that have satellite phones, BGANs & Fleet Broadband terminals  to have a saparate accessory to produce a wifi signal which allows you to send email, and more through the use of the satphone or BGAN network. These are not really a wifi hotspot, although many call it one, but instead these devices require the use of the above mentioned satellite communication terminals to produce a wifi signal out of a saparate existing satellite signal from  something like a satellite phone. The devices are different in that some require the use of additional monthly plans or services, adapters to connect their terminals, and applications to control from a smartphone or tablet. Make sure to check with us or a satellite communication professional before buying something you don't understand.

  • Iridium Axcess point for 9575 extreme, 9555, & 9505A satellite phone
    Iridium AxcessPoint WiFi Router For Use With Iridium Satellite Phones This product is Discontinued. *You can review other products options such as the AxcessMail Software-Email & Weather Over Satellite , Redport...
  • Redport optimizer for satellite phone data
    RedPort Optimizer Satellite WiFi Router for Satellite Phones and BGANs The Redport Optimizer device connected to a satellite phone or broadband terminal will create a Wi-Fi Hotspot and will give you and your team easily...

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