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How To Request An Estimate Or Quote

  • Submit your request for an estimate here below by filling out all information needed to produce your estimate including any neccessary details. Use this same form for Government Estimates, Commercial Estimates, Fishing/Marine, or Personal Estimiates.
  • Please make note in the comment feild to the Attn: Estimate request, and mark whether it is for Government, Corporate, Fishing/Marine, or Personal Business
  • Please make sure to explain what your needs are and the equipment your looking for along with where you will be using the equipment, how you will be using the equipment, and how long you will be using the equipment
  • Please list any needed airtime usage, whether prepaid or monthly, and your thoughts as to how much you will be using, or if you won't need airtime at all
  • Any questions you may have you can put in the comment area for us to return your call or email you back.

All estimate requestes are complted and returned within a 1-6 hour period or less. If you need to call us for immediate questions you can call us Toll Free:877-299-9931, San Diego, CA:1-619-207-4117, or you can email us at with subject line of 'Estimate Request'.

  • For any general needs or requests you can go to our contact us page, and fill out all neccessary information and expect a response back within the same time period or less