Inmarsat Fleet One

Fleet One Satellite Marine Terminals

Inmarsat’s Fleet One service makes use of the worlds most advanced and reliable global broadband satellite network; the same network which is used by the professional maritime industry across every ocean.

With the Fleet One you can access to weather information and chart updates, keeping in contact with loved ones or simply checking the news. Now yacht and fishing boat owners can take full advantage of maritime broadband services previously only available to much larger vessels.

Inmarsat now offers Coastal and Global service plans to put satellite broadband in the reach of any size of commercial or leisure vessel. 

If you are preparing for a sailing holiday or an extended fishing expedition, the new Fleet One service ensures small vessel owners have uninterrupted access to the internet, while being able to send SMS messages and have telephone conversations from on board their boat, anywhere in the world.

 How It Works

Fleet One is delivered through a small terminal, especially created for leisure and fishing vessels. It can be quickly and easily installed, providing a cost-effective solution enabling small vessels to remain connected at all times.

With this new, simple, solution you will have dependable connectivity whenever you need it. With Fleet One, yachts and fishing boats now have access to the same, robust and reliable technologies previously only available on much larger vessels, allowing them equally to take full advantage of online connectivity.

Fleet One also supports SOS safety service, which in an emergency routes you directly to a MRCC. This means that in one phone call you can alert the safety services of your position and nature of distress, by reassuringly speaking to the Search and Rescue Services knowing that assistance is on its way.

Fleet One Maritime Terminal Description

The compact 2.5kg terminals will offer data connectivity up to 100kbps, a single voice line and SMS. The Fleet One terminals are specially designed equipment for smaller vessels that offer flexible regional price plans put always on broadband connectivity and powered by the world’s most advanced and reliable global satellite network. With Fleet One, fishing boat and leisure vessel owners can stay connected without having to worry about cellular coverage or network roaming charges.

Fleet One Marine Terminals Features

  • Uninterrupted access to the internet to download weather reports or navigation charts and check email
  • Simultaneous phone calls and SMS texting
  • All the applications we take for granted on land, delivered at sea.
  • Simultaneous voice and IP data at up to 100kbps
  • Compact, low-cost antenna
  • Flexible airtime pricing
  • 505 Emergency Calling
  • Wi-Fi capability to connect smart phones and tablets
  • Preferential pricing regions
  • Average satellite network availability exceeds 99.9 per cent
  • Easy installation.
  • Pricing with fishing and leisure boat users in mind
  • Global coverage, operates down to 5 degrees’ antenna elevation
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