Privacy Handsets & Headsets

Privacy Handset & Headsets for satellite phones, BGANs Docking Stations & More

  •  Iridium DPL Peripheral Handset
    Not Rated

    Iridium DPL Peripheral Handset w/ Hang Up Cup &  200 CM. Cord  NrthernAxcess brings the Iridium DPL Intelligent Peripheral Handset c/w Hang Up Cup and 200cm Handset Cable length, a helpful accessories to make even easier you communications...

    Price: $690.00
  • Cobham BGAN Explorer 2-Wire Phone-403625B
    Not Rated

    Cobham BGAN Explorer 2-Wire Phone The 2-wire handset is a standard PSTN analogue telephone handset that can be used with the Cobham/Thrane & Thrane EXPLORER terminals or any other satellite terminal with an analogue PSTN interface. Now you can call...

    Price: $399.99
  • Hands-Free -Headset for Satellite Phones ( 9575/9555/9505A)
    Not Rated

    Iridium Hands-Free Headset for Extreme 9575/9555/9505A Satellite Phones  The Hands Free headset for Iridium Extreme 9575, 9555 and 9505A satellite phones provides both an earphone and microphone in one small piece for simple hands free telephone...

    Price: $25.00
  • Iridium Privacy Handset RST755 for Beam docking stations
    Not Rated

    Beam Iridium Privacy Handset (RST755) Beam RST755 Privacy Handset is an optional accessory for Iridium 9555 PotsDock, 9555 IntelliDock, 9555 SatDock and Extreme 9575 docks.  This convenient Handset features auto sensing answer and hang up...

    Price: $189.99
  • Wired Hands-free headset for isatphone pro satellite phone
    Not Rated

     Wired Hands-Free Headset for IsatPhone 2 & IsatPhone Pro The wired handsfree headset for the IsatPhone Pro and IsatPhone 2 offers reliable hands free communication with an integrated microphone and comfortable ear bud when you need private...

    Price: $19.99
  • BEAM RST970 Intelligent Handset for Beam Docking Stations
    Not Rated

    Iridium Intelligent Handset- Beam RST970 Beam RST970 Intelligent Handset offers a convenient user interface for supporting Voice and SMS services across a wide range of markets applications and is supported on the Beam terminals listed below...

    Price: $690.00
  • Privacy Handset for IsatDock Drive and Lite
    Not Rated

    Beam Privacy Handset for IsatDock Drive and Lite Docking Station-ISD955 The Beam ISD955 Privacy Handset is an optional accessory for IsatDock LITE and IsatDock DRIVE Docking Stations for added convenience with auto sensing answer and hang-up cup...

    Price: $169.99
  • Sailor SC4150 Fixed Mount Control Handset for the Sailor SC4000 or ICHU1000 Iridium Terminals
    Not Rated

    Sailor SC4150 Fixed Mount Control Handset  The Sailor SC4150 is a handset and control unit that is compatible with Sailor SC4000 and ICHU1000 Iridium Marine Terminals. This handset can navigate through a logical menu structure, which operates the...

    Price: $699.99
  • Iridium Pilot OpenPort Captain Handset (BBCA0801)
    Not Rated

     Iridium Pilot OpenPort Captain Handset The Iridium Pilot OpenPort Captain handset is a handy accessory that has 3 interfaces including RJ11 connectors, optimized audio, normal dialing and a message waiting light. The  Iridium Pilot, OpenPort...

    Price: $159.00
  •  Iridium OpenPort Crew Handset
    Not Rated

     Iridium OpenPort Crew Handset The Iridium OpenPort Crew Handset is a handy accessory when sailing that comes available with pre-programmed language buttons for use with scratch cards, supports emergency calls. This handset can ONLY make scratch...

    Price: $120.00