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BGAN Airtime

NorthernAxcess offers Inmarsat BGAN Satellite Internet Prepaid and Monthly airtime service plans that work with all BGAN terminals. The BGAN service may be used over the reliable and user friendly global Inmarsat-4 satellite network. All BGAN terminals need an activated BGAN SIM card to be able to use the terminal. You will receive a Free sim card when you buy a BGAN terminal from us or if you purchase the airtime service only. You can also buy an un-active sim card for $15.00 and activate the service later. We offer customers alert services that can be set up to monitor and control the airtime usage. 


 BGAN Prepaid Airtime Plans

UnitsPriceStandard IP (Megabytes)VoiceValidity
50 Units $125.00 5.4 MB 50 Minutes 3 Months
500 Units $390.00 55 MB 500 Minutes 6 Months
1000 Units $735.00 110 MB 1000 Minutes 12 Months
2500 Units $1750.00 274 MB 2500 Minutes 12 Months
5000 Units $3450.00 549 MB 5000 Minutes 12 Months

With the BGAN prepaid sim cards you can purchase a specific number of Megabytes and you can reload the sim card with more units at any time. You can replenish your sim card online on our website’s BGAN reload section or by sending an email to us at support@northernaxcess.com.

The prepaid BGAN airtime is a suitable and cost-effective global communication method, if you are planning to use your BGAN terminal for seasonal projects, emergency only or if you are a year-round worldwide traveler because the plans have the same rates for all covered countries and continents.

Features of BGAN Prepaid Plans

  • BGAN Prepaid plans can be replenished, renewed and reactivated easily.
  • Avoid long term contracts commitment and subscription fees.
  • Voice calls over BGAN service do not use available Megabytes, only the standard BGAN Calling Rates.
  • Worldwide Coverage Excluding the North & South Pole.
  • Free Direct Incoming Call.


BGAN Monthly Airtime Plans

Inmarsat BGAN PlanMonthly FeeIncluded MBData OverageVoice CallsSMSContract Length
Standard $70.99 5 MB $6.65/MB $0.99/Min $0.90 ea. 12 Months
21 MB Plan $120.50 21 MB $5.80/MB $0.96/Min $0.90 ea. 3 Months
100 MB Plan $440.50 100 MB $5.10/MB $0.92/Min $0.90 ea. 6 Months
750 MB Plan $2780.99 750 MB $4.50/MB $0.90/Min $0.80 ea. 12 Months
2105 MB Plan $6150.99 2105 MB $3.20/MB $0.80/Min $0.80 ea. 12 Months

The BGAN Monthly Airtime plans offer Voice and Data without the need to be concerned about a prepaid sim card expiring or having a low balance. Monthly BGAN service is a great option if you are planning to use the BGAN terminal for a prolonged period of time, you will pay a monthly service fee and pay for the airtime you use. If you don’t use any minutes, you will only have to pay for the monthly subscription. NorthernAxcess  also offer other plans that includes bundle of Megabytes that can be used every month. These plans have a lower cost rate per megabyte.

All BGAN monthly plans requires a signed contract before service activation. The minimum contracts length can be of 3, 6 or 12 months depending the plan you select. NorthernAxcess offers the the Standard Plan that you pay for what you use and the monthly subscription fee.  The Mid Usage Plans include 21 or 100 Megabytes per month or the High Usage Plans that include 750 or 2105 Megabytes per month.  If you are planning to do streaming in remote locations the high usage plans are a great option.

In order to activate a new BGAN Monthly airtime postpaid plan, we need a signed copy of the BGAN Monthly airtime service agreement.

Download BGAN Monthly Airtime Service Agreement Here (PDF).


Features of BGAN Monthly Plans

  • Detailed call records on statement each month.
  • Convenience of uninterrupted service without having to manage usage and airtime online.
  • Voice calls over BGAN service do not use available Megabytes, only the standard BGAN Calling Rates.
  • Minimal monthly expense that you can budget instead of paying for prepaid Megabytes up front.
  • There is no limitation on the data usage, you be able to use as many Megabytes or Voice Minutes as you need without the worries of depleting unit’s balance.
  • Gives you the peace of mind that you BGAN terminal will be active and available at all times. 



These plans are recommended for companies and organizations that have multiples BGAN terminals and need to consolidate the usage billing.  SCAP plans share pooled data between all of the SIM cards added to the plan, this means that a single pool of available Megabytes may be used by all SCAP SIM cards connected to it. SCAP Plans are cost effective because active users may use available Megabytes that are not used by less active users, instead of each user having their own individual BGAN account that airtime cannot be shared. SCAP accounts can be monitored by placing limits on individual cards. If you need more information or would like a quote you can contact us at 1-877-299-9931 or email us at info@northernaxcess.com. We can build customs plans according to your needs.


BGAN HDR & Streaming Services

Streaming Services

All BGAN Terminals enable broadband communications that can be utilized to establish audio/video conferencing. Streaming services can be used by broadcasters to stream live video with dedicated bandwidth, in remote areas where traditional cellular service may be unreliable or non-existent. Live event broadcasters use streaming channels to avoid audio and video failures during a video feed. While streaming video is possible over the standard shared BGAN service, it is sometimes unpredictable, and failures sometimes occur.

Streaming services connect to the Internet just like standard BGAN services, however streaming services are charged by the minute of use instead of by Megabyte transferred like standard BGAN services.

Streaming Applications

  • Broadcasting with Encoder/De-coder based solutions
  • Audio/Video broadcasting at remote locations
  • Store/Forward options
  • 2-way capable video conferencing (Hardware or Software based) typically from/to remote site and fixed office
  • Surveillance applications for one-way remote IP, JPEG or video, motion activated or live video access

How to Access Streaming through BGAN Launchpad

Streaming options over a BGAN Internet connection are available through the BGAN Launchpad application. Once the BGAN terminal acquires a satellite signal and registers, you can click on the 'Data' tab, to display the following connection options: 'Connect Standard' or one of several 'Streaming' options.

BGAN HDR Service

BGAN HDR or "High Data Rates" are available for the Cobham Explorer 710 BGAN Terminal and the Hughes 9211 BGAN Terminal with unshared channel speeds of 650 Kbps. The full channel option over BGAN HDR, with its significantly increased streaming rate, delivers a real step-change in video quality that revolutionize the satellite news-gathering across the media sector. A portfolio of high data streaming rates for broadcasters, media organizations and governments looking to deliver superior video quality anywhere in the world.

BGAN HDR Features

HDR streaming rates: BGAN HDR supports a portfolio of four channel streaming rates including symmetric and asymmetric options so you only pay for the data you need.

Full channel streaming rate: BGAN HDR will provide a minimum throughput of 580kbps with its full channel option, but users can expect to see an average speed of 600-700kbps, reaching as high as 800kbps.

Built-in Bonding: You can double the streaming rates by bonding two terminals together, enabling connection speeds over 1Mbps, which was previously only possible on a VSAT uplink.

Cellular failover: BGAN HDR can also be used as a dependable back-up solution to cellular bonding.

Global Coverage: BGAN HDR is available across the globe, with the exception of the extreme Polar Regions, providing connectivity wherever your business or operations take you.

Reliable network: BGAN HDR services are delivered via the Inmarsat-4 network, with 99.9 per cent satellite and ground network availability and an operational lifespan expected in

 User Friendly: No technical expertise or training is needed to set up and use BGAN HDR. The terminal is plug and play, so you can establish a connection within minutes.


Web Pages: An average of 6 web pages can be viewed with 1 Megabyte. However, if a webpage has video 1 Megabyte could be transferring every 10-30 seconds.

Email: 1 Megabyte is approximately 99 plain text emails, 3 emails with attachments. It is difficult to provide an exact conversion of data type to Megabyte, because everything thing you send and receive is unique and may be either large or small

Videos:  Flash videos can be very bandwidth intensive, and will transfer at the max speed of the BGAN terminal. An estimate of 1 Megabyte could be transferred every 10 to 30 seconds.

Voice Calls:  Do not use data rates.  You are charged separately with a lower rate for placing a phone call.   Cost can be from $0.80 to $1.20 per minute to any cellphone or landline worldwide. Incoming calls are free, however, the calling party will be charged international rates by their carrier. You can add +1 USA Local number service that can reduce these rates through a VOIP forwarding service.

Applications and System Updates: Background applications and Operating systems updates and other services that connect to the Internet automatically will add the data usage. These applications, updates and services may be disabled in the settings of your computer, smart phone or tablet. 

List of all Satellite Data Terminals that work with BGAN Prepaid and Monthly Airtime Plans

BGAN Portable Satellite Internet Terminals:

Cobham Explorer 510 BGAN Satellite Data Terminal

Cobham Explorer 500 BGAN Satellite Data Terminal

Cobham 540 BGAN 3G/ M2M Data Terminal

Cobham Explorer 710 BGAN Satellite Data Terminal

Cobham Explorer 700 BGAN Satellite Data Terminal

Cobham Explorer 300 BGAN Satellite Data Terminal

Hughes 9211-HDR Portable BGAN Satellite Data Terminal

Hughes HNS 9202 BGAN Satellite Data Terminal

Hughes HNS 9201 BGAN Satellite Data Terminal

Wideye Sabre 1 BGAN Satellite Data Terminal

AddValue SABRE RANGER BGAN Data Terminal

BGAN Vehicular Satellite Internet Terminals

Hughes 9450 Vehicular BGAN Satellite Terminal  

Hughes 9350 Vehicular BGAN Satellite Terminal   

Hughes 9250 Vehicular BGAN Satellite Terminal

Cobham Explorer 727 Vehicular BGAN Satellite Data Terminal

Cobham Explorer 527 Vehicular BGAN Satellite Data Terminal

Cobham Explorer 325 Vehicular BGAN Satellite Data Terminal

SAFARI Addvalue Wideye Vehicular BGAN Satellite Terminal

iSatHub Satellite Data Terminal

Wideye iSavi iSatHub Satellite Internet Wi-Fi Hotspot-Only BGAN Prepaid Airtime applies. You must request special sim card when purchasing Prepaid BGAN cards for this device.

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