Cobham Explorer 300 BGAN Satellite Data Terminal

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Cobham (Thrane & Thrane) Explorer 300 BGAN Satellite Internet Data Terminal-Portable 


As of right now this product has been replaced with the Cobham Explorer 510 BGAN Data & Voice Terminal.

Thrane & Thrane Explorer 300 BGAN internet terminal is the smallest and most compact modem that offers reliable internet and phone connection anywhere in the world. This terminal can provide simultaneous high quality voice and broadband access at speeds up to 464 kbps. It supports LAN, USB, Bluetooth and phone/fax interfaces. The Explorer 300 is the best option for adventurists, emergency teams and organizations in need of a rugged terminal that can withstand adverse environment conditions. Satellite connection is usually the only way to connect with the outside world during a disaster, or just in a remote location, the Explorer 300 has been a great device used by many professionals and emergency teams who frequently change location worldwide.


  • Simultaneous voice and data communications over BGAN
  • High-speed data transfer up to 384 kbps
  • Seamless global coverage
  • Support for streaming IP at 32, 64 kbps
  • Standard LAN, Bluetooth and phone interfaces
  • Easy system setup and operation
  • Lightweight, splash and dust proof design
  • Robust, reliable and durable design
  • Internet, E-mail and voice calls
  • Video conferencing and streaming
  • Corporate servers
  • Directly connect any standard corded or cordless phone into the RJ-11 phone jack
  • Night friendly LCD backlit display with 4 button controls and advanced menu options

Box Contents for the EXPLORER 300  BGAN Internet Terminal

Explorer 300 BGAN Internet Terminal
Ethernet cable (2M)
Power cable
Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
AC/DC power adapter 15V/50W
Manual on CD


Specifications Dimensions Total H / W / D: 168 / 217 / 52 mm 6.6 / 8.5 / 2.1 inches Weight (incl. battery): 1.4kg / 3.1lbs Data capabilities Standard IP: Up to 384 kbps Streaming IP: 32, 64 kbps Voice capabilities Standard voice: 4 kbps Premium voice: 3.1 kHz audio, 64 kbps Text capabilities SMS: 160 characters Inmarsat frequencies: 1525.0 – 1559.0 MHz (Rx) 1626.5 – 1660.5 MHz (Tx) EIRP: 10dBW ±1dB LCD display: Graphical high resolution, back lit Interfaces 1 x Analogue RJ-11 phone / fax interface 1 x Bluetooth interface (Version 1.2) Antenna: Integrated in transceiver unit Frequencies: 2400.0 – 2483.5 MHz Max. Coverage outdoor: 25m / 82ft Max. Devices connected: 1 handset, 1 PC/PDA Profiles supported: Cordless handset, serial port, service discovery application, dial-up networking, and headset Standard: Power class 2 1 x LAN interface Connector type: RJ-45, MDI-X Data rate: 10/100 Mbps Max. Cable length: 100m / 328ft (Cat5 UTP) Standard: ISO/IEC 8877:1992. and IEEE 802.3 (1998 edition) 1 x BGAN SIM-Card slot Temperature Operational (ambient): -25°C to +55°C / -13°F to +131°F Storage (excl. battery): -40°C to +80°C / -40°F to +176°F Battery storage temperature 1 month: -20°C / -4°F to +60°C / +140°F 3 months: -20°C / -4°F to +45°C / +113°F 1 year: -20°C / -4°F to +20°C / +68°F Relative humidity: 95% non-condensing at +40°C/+104°F Robustness: 0.5 m/1.64 ft drop on concrete (Operational, 95% survival) Storage temperature: -40°C to +80°C (ex. battery) -40°F to +176°F (ex. battery) Water and dust: IP-54 (dust and spray proof ) Power DC input range: 10-16VDC Power consumption Standby / transmit: 0.8W / 14W (typical) During charging: 38W (max.) Connector type 2.5mm EIAJ RC-5320-IV AC/DC power supply Input: 100-240VAC, 47-63Hz, 50W Output: 15VDC Battery: Lithium ion (rechargeable) Stand-by time: 36h, 0°C/+32°F to 55°C/+131° Standard call: 3h, 0°C/+32°F to 55°C/+131° Premium voice call: 1h30m, 0°C/+32°F to +55°C/+131°F Receive time, max.: 3h30m @ 128kbps, (25°C / 77°F) Transmit time, max.: 2h15m @ 128kbps, Min. number of charges: 300 Recharge time: Less than 3 hours Charge temperature: 0°C / +32°F to +45°C /+113° Other features Phone book; Fax; Message indicator; Traffic logging; Admin control (password protected); Web server; Router or direct mode; Network Management; DHCP; Remote Management; Up to 11 x PDP context; Point-to-point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE). Part # 403705A

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