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Inmarsat Fleet One Monthly Airtime Plans

Inmarsat & NorthernAxcess offer the Fleet One Monthly Coastal airtime plans that come with lower rates on satellite internet data, and voice for the close to shore, and small vessels within the FleetOne coverage area and the Fleet One Global airtime plan throughout the entire Inmarsat's Network Coverage for any size vessels.

In order to activate Fleet One airtime postpaid plans, we need a signed copy of the Fleet One Terminal agreement. The Vessel Information form is required for Fleet One Global Plan activation.

 -Inmarsat Fleet One Coastal & Global Monthly Service Agreement (PDF)

 -Fleet One terminal and Vessel Information Form (PDF)


 These plans are available only for Fleet One terminals and Fleet One sim cards.

There is a first-time $75.00 activation fee for new Fleet One postpaid accounts.

Standard IP Data speed is restricted up to 100kbps

Coastal Axcess Plans

  • The Standard Background IP Data does not work outside of the Home Zone.
  • The monthly subscription voice minutes included are for INSIDE HOME REGION calls only. The voice minutes monthly allowance includes calls to fixed or mobile only. All other call services are charged in addition.
  • The Coastal services can only be used with vessels below 500 GRT
  • The New Fleet One service has been extended to include: All continental coastlines to 200NM or greater, Panama, Suez, Malacca out-of-region corridors & all Inland waterways.

Global Axcess Plan

  • The Global Plan is available to all sizes of vessels.
  • The vessel must have valid MMSI to use the Global Axcess Plan.
  • Standard IP Data Access for Global Axcess Plan is available throughout the entire Inmarsat's Network Coverage Area.

Unlimited Americas Axcess Plan

  • The Unlimited Americas plan offers attractive rates with superior performance, speeds up to 100kbps and unlimited data around the whole American continent coast.
  • This plan allows 30 Megabytes per month for use at 100kbps, After 30MB are used the Fair Use Policy applies and the speed throttles to 32 kbps.
  • Use applications like email, chat and weather reports, if desired by using smartphones and tablets connected via Wi-Fi. Some terminals will need a Wifi router.
  • Highly attractive pay as you go flat rates for high quality voice calls to fixed and cellular.
  • Seasonal flexibility, allowing you to only subscribe during the season.
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