Iridium Push To Talk -PTT

The Iridium Global Push to Talk  or PTT combined with iridium's newest handset, the Extreme PTT and satphone offers a two-second push-to-talk capability along with an all portable and hand-held device capabilities that comes with having one of the best satellite phones the world has to offer that now allows an unlimited way of setting up TalkGroups worldwide for the use of communicating quickly, easily, and affordably throughout the world by means of its endless way of setting up the handsets in talkgroups from one end of the earth to another talkgroup at the other end.

Download Iridium PTT or Push to Talk Monthly Airtime Service Agreement (PDF)

Download Iridium PTT Talkgroup and location names, handset imei,and sim card organization form (PDF)

It’s an extremely easy to operate satellite based, 2-way radio system that allows multiple users to share a common voice and broadcasting to all users in a net or to share their connection for push-to-talk voice applications.

The Iridium Extreme Push-to-Talk (PTT) is the device for global dependability, adaptability and durability. Only Iridium can deliver the power of fast, simple and secure group communication with the toughest, most feature-rich PTT-enabled satellite phone on the market.

With Iridium Push-to-Talk (PTT), the entire world is your network. Iridium’s unique global constellation of 66 cross-linked low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellites lets you connect in the same way as you would with terrestrial-based trunked radio systems — without having to build infrastructure.


Versatile communications at the push of a button

Iridium Extreme PTT takes reliable group communications to the next level with unique features and capabilities such as connecting with your team instantly from anywhere.

Fast and secure

This unique global service is built for speed and security, with connection speeds comparable to land-mobile radio and no-compromise AES-256 encryption standards, supporting coordination and control of your team and resources like never before.

Your Push-to-talk investment is secure into the future

Iridium is committed to extending your global communications reliability and performance far into the future. Your Iridium Extreme PTT devices are designed to be compatible with both the current Iridium’s network and Iridium NEXT, Iridium’s ground-breaking next generation constellation of 66 interlinked, low-earth satellites, with launches scheduled beginning in 2015.

Iridium is committed to ensure that the investments that you make today will continue to be supported on Iridium’s high-reliability, mission-critical network.


Iridium Global PTT Capabilities and Configurable Talk groups

  • A reinforced PTT button
  • A high audio loudspeaker
  • Enhanced SMS and email messaging capability
  • GPS-enabled location-based services
  • SOS access in Phone Mode
  • Phone Mode battery duration: standby up to 54 hours; talk time up to 6.5 hours
  • PTT Mode battery duration: standby up to 16.5 hours; Talk time up to 5 hours
  • Iridium PTT uses the Iridium Extreme PTT device.
  • The user selects PTT mode from the menu
  • The button can be depressed for a maximum of 20seconds allowing that time to communicate your message.
  • Using PTT does not require a sim card, it will use the IMEI number of the device.
  • Each device will support up to 15 Talkgroups.
  • The communication (which is AES256 encrypted) is transmitted across the existing Iridium  satellite network.



What do you need? Two Handsets AND Talk Group

What do you do? Choose your required Talk Group size.

There are 3 talk group sizes available that are defined as an area in any global geographic location.

  • Small        100,000 KM²
  • Medium  300,000 KM²
  • Large        750,000 KM²

You can buy more than one talk group if needed. eg x2 small giving you a total of 200,000KM²

Assign the device to a Talk Group and any handset within that ‘Talk Group’ can communicate at the ‘push’ of a button to ALL the other uses.

The Iridium PTT handset looks for an activity on any of the talk groups for which the device is providing and plays audio for a few seconds for each talk group in sequence. That gives the user the ability to be involved in any session that is started on that talk group. Similar to a police scanner. The device always starts up in Home mode. The user of the device can choose which mode he wants to be in at any given time of using the device.

Activating a Handset for Push-to-Talk service provides the user with access to Push-To-Talk service only, meaning that will only provide the terminal with access to any Talk Groups that have been assigned to the Handset. It will not provide the user with access to standard Iridium Voice or Data services. Access to regular Iridium Voice or Data services are available via the Iridium Voice Postpaid / Prepaid plans activation and will incur additional charges.

NorthernAxcess activates your Talk group/s, then provisioning is set up in the Iridium PTT online command center. This process is quick and simple to follow using ‘Drag & Drop’ configuration, with fast operation and real time changes.

How many handsets can you have in a Talk group?

Since the Iridium PTT service is a broadcast service, there is no practical limit to the number of devices that may be part of a Talkgroup. Iridium has successfully tested scenarios with 10,000 devices in a talkgroup.

Iridium Push-to-Talk Evolved.

Only Iridium can deliver push-to-talk the way it was meant to be- fast, simple, and adaptable to evolving situations with the power of Iridium’s global satellite network. In PTT mode, your teams have access to unparalleled situation awareness and control features your users will expect with added capabilities including:

• Automatic registration

• Over-the-air talkgroup programming

• PTT service status

• Dynamic talkgroup selection and monitoring

• Device talker ID

• Device talker distance and bearing

• Visual and audio talkgroup scan

All on the world’s farthest reaching network enabling your teams to communicate instantly where they need it without the expense and limitations of traditional ground-based towers and repeaters.

Coverage areas, device security, and talkgroup configuration can all be adjusted over-the-air as needed by administrators using the Web-based Iridium Push-to-Talk (PTT) Command Center tool, simplifying support and maintenance of devices deployed in the field.

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