NorthernAxcess Specialized Satellite Communication Serivces Give You Everything You Need Under One Roof

At NorthernAxcess we pride ourselves with bringing back the Human Element of support in every avenue of our business.

This is why we provide you with the very best in personal support through our specialty client services such as our Installation & Training Program, Satellite Equipment Repair Centre, Satellite Phone & BGAN BuyBack &  Upgrade Program, and our Product Protection Warranty Shield.

All of our services are designed to make you feel like you have everything you need right here, as well as the availability to one of our veteran technicians to help you all along the way at all times.

Our promise to you is that if we do not have what you need, or we don't have an answer for your question right away is that we will make it our priority to get you the answer your looking for, and find the equipment or solution you need.

We have some of the largest and most well respected support, and backing of all the leading satellite communication manufacturers, and distributors. Through our multiple channel support netwrok we serve all industries such as Government, Oil & Gas, Military, Corporate Enterprise, Travel & Leisure, Exploration, Fishing, Emergency Rescue & Releif Teams, Communication for Remote location Movie and Film Making or Props, Baja Racing Teams, Private Sectors & Individuals, and many more.


Below are links of some of our specialty services and programs:

Product Protection, Service, & Warranty Shield

SatCom Insatallation and trainin

BuyBack & Upgrade Program for Satellite Phones & BGANs

Satellite Phone Repair Centre