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How To Send Free Incoming iridium SMS or Text Messages To An iridium Satellite Phone, GO, or Other Iridium Handheld Device:

If you have an iridium satellite phone, GO or other handheld device then select the iridium button below which will provide a popup of the iridium text messaging page. There you can fill in your iridium satellite phone number (8816-xxxx-xxxx). Then you can type in your satellite Text/SMS message. Please make sure to keep your Message between 100-150 characters. Its always best to keep it short and sweet. After that hit the send button. The instructions are very much the same sending Text or SMS messages to an Inmarsat Satellite Phone (such as the Inmarsat IsatPhone 2). For Inmarsat SMS Text messages select the Inmarsat Button below to show the Inmarsat messaging popup. 

How To Send Free iridium Messages Using Email (ie: Gmail, Outlook,iCloud) To An iridium Satellite Phone, GO or Other Iridium Handheld Device:

If you have an iridium satellite phone, GO or other handheld device then open the typical Email browser you use(such As: Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, or other Email service). Create a new email message to be sent to the iridium satellite Handset or GO Device. In the ‘To’ section, Address the Email by using your 12 digit SatPhone Number in an Email address layout like this: . With this iridium Email address style, you can put it in an ’ Out of Office Reply' so friends, family or work can get ahold of you while off the cellular grid. Just as an iridium Text, or SMS Message, that’s mentioned above, using the Email works similarly in that when entering your message try to keep it between 100-150 characters, then send your email message. Don’t worry about putting anything in the subject area because any text placed in the subject line will not transmit.Please Note: Receiving of free messages goes through as a lower priority compared to paid messages, such as outgoing messages from the satellite phone. There is a limit of 150 free messages that can be received monthly by an Iridium subscriber. For All Other Info, FAQs and Support Facts :Regarding iridium Text/SMS Messaging, Emailing, or Sending to another iridium Phone, and more visit the iridium messaging link here: “ iridium Messaging FAQs “ . 

Smartphone Apps That Help Sending Satellite Phone SMS/Text Messages Easier For All Networks


NOTES ON SATELLITE MESSAGES: Satellite Text, SMS, or Email Messaging is different than a cellular ground structure, and has to go through much more to send satellite messages. Try to keep satellite messages short so they can reach their destination easier.If you notice your not getting a response from a satellite text, try again. Sometimes messages are put in a Que.. If still no response, then sometimes making a quick call from or to the satellite Handset/Device may work best depending on the circumstance. Satellite Text /SMS uses a different part of the satellite gateway so it does not interfere with voice or other data. Always test your iridium or other satellite handset before you put it to in field use, and ALWAYS read your users manual or keep one handy when going out.

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