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(SBD) Short Burst Data Airtime Plans

iridium Short Burst Data, or also called SBD has been a growing and innovative services. Also known as iridiums IOT services & Devices is one of the fastest growing services within iridium IOT or "Internet Of Things" groups of services such as the "Short Burst Data", or SBD.

Here below you will see a listing of all the Iridium Short Burst Service Plans that do a wide range of things and likewise have a number of iridium connected devices that use the SBD / Short Burst Data Airtime Services. All the SBD Airtime Services are Monthly Airtime Plans only, and different devices have different types of minimums in some ways, so be sure to ask our techs for info on that, although most info is here.

Iridium SBD / Short Burst Data Airtime Service Plans Features & Layouts

For any questions on any of these SBD / Short Burst Data Airtime Service Plans, whether for the standard SBD equipment, or for the separate iridium Extreme 9575 (SBD) Short Burst Data Airtime Services please feel free to call or contact one of our long time technicians thats can make sure you get the best airtime plan for iridium IOT Short Burst Dat line of Airtime Services for their SBD devices here at NorthernAxcess.

All Iridium (SBD) Short Burst Data Airtime Serivce Plans for IOT SBD and Extreme 9575 Equipment

Iridium SBD (Short Burst Data) Monthly Airtime Global Service Plans
SBD Plan SBD-Axcess STD SBD-Axcess 12KB SBD-Axcess 17KB SBD-Axcess 30KB
Monthly Fee $21.99
Bytes Included Per Month* 0 Bytes  Per Month 12,000 Bytes  Per Month 17,000 Bytes  Per Month 30,000 Bytes  Per Month
Overage Data (per 1,000 bytes) $1.40/KB $1.40/KB $1.80/KB $1.50/KB
Minimum Billable Message Size 30 Bytes 10 Bytes 10 Bytes 10 Bytes
SBD Mailbox Check** $0.05 $0.05 $0.05 $0.05
SBD Registration Fee*** $0.05 $0.05 $0.05 $0.05
Minimum Contract Length 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months
Activation Fee FREE $50.00 $50.00 $50.00
Additional Services
Tracking Services $14.00/Month
 *Bytes Included per Month do not roll over.
**SBD Mailbox Check: Charge only Applies if the mailbox is empty on checking, otherwise is free.
***SBD Registration: Each unit can register on the network once a month at no cost. Additional registrations are charged at $0.05 each.
 Note: Any Iridium 9522a/b, Iridium 9505a/9555 handsets require a Sim Card activation. The SIM card will be activated as a ‘register only’ (no voice/circuit switch data services). If these services are required, the SIM card will need to be activated as a Standard connection iridium monthly service. Other Iridium SBD models or trackers do not require a SIM card.
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