Iridium GO! 9560

Iridium GO! 9560 Satellite Phone & Portable Satellite Data WiFi Device

The iridium GO satellite wifi hotspot turns your smartphone or tablet into a portable satellite phone, with rich features such as email, SMS, tracking, SOS, weather reports, social media updating, and much more. The iridium GO however does have the option to use the Opera Mini application to download web pages, but iridiums systems only operates at a maximum of 10 kbps, which is slower than dial up, and downloading web pages can be an almost impossible task.


  • iridium GO! satellite wifi hotspot for satellite phone calls email text and tracking at northernaxcess

    Iridium GO Satellite WiFi Hotspot - Iridium 9560 AHKT1301 This pocket-sized device makes a Wifi hotspot that turns any iphone, ipad, android smartphone, or tablet into an iridium global satellite phone. This is accomplished through the use of the...

    Price: $999.99