Iridium GO! 9560 Accessories

All available iridium GO! 9560 satellite WiFi hotspot accessories.

  • Pelican iM2050 Storm Case for Iridium GO!
    Not Rated

    Pelican iM2050 Storm Case for Iridium GO! Unbreakable, watertight, airtight, dustproof, chemical resistant and corrosion proof. These are some of the features of this Pelican case that offers total protection for your equipment. It is made of strong,...

    Price: $89.99
  • SatStation SolarFlex 12 Watts Foldable Solar Panel for Satellite Phone
    Not Rated

    SatStation SolarFlex 12 Foldable and Flexible Solar Panel Add the SatStation SolarFlex 12 to your satphone package and you will always have a way to charge your phone. This flexible and foldable panel gives you ultimate power in a small compact design...

    Price: $349.00
  • Solio Bolt - Solar Charger & Battery Back Up for Iridium GO!
    Not Rated

    Solio Bolt - Solar Charger & Battery Back Up ( Includes USB to 5 Volt Cable) The Solio BOLT battery pack and solar charger is your ultra lightweight companion, keeping you online and in-touch on the go. With an on-board battery and rotating solar...

    Price: $99.99
  • Iridium GO Li-ion Rechargeable battery with box
    Not Rated

    Iridium GO! Internal Removable Battery-WBAT1301 The Iridium GO! 3600mAh Battery for Iridium GO! Wifi Hotspot device can be used as a replacement or extra battery when you are traveling to remotes areas. The door cover can be purchased separate...

    Price: $79.99
  • Portable Auxiliary Antenna for Iridium 9575-9555-9505A-9505-9500 satellite phones

    Portable Auxiliary Antenna for the Iridium GO, Iridium 9575, Iridium 9555 and Iridium 9505A, 9505 and 9500 Satellite Phones-PAA0601 The portable auxiliary antenna w/1.5 meter cable increases in-vehicle, land or marine satellite reception for the Iridium...

    Price: $129.99
  • Carry Protective Nylon Bag for the Iridium GO WiFi hotspot device.
    Not Rated

    Iridium GO! CarryProtective Bag The Iridium GO! Protective bag is a high quality nylon bag that keeps your Iridium GO! protected from damage at all times. The bag can hold the Iridium Go device, charger and USB cable.  Durable, rigid, Nylon...

    Price: $45.00
  •  Wall mount bracket kit for the Iridium GO
    Not Rated

    Iridium GO! Wall Bracket Kit Iridium GO! removable Wall Mount Bracket Kit can be used to install the Iridium GO satellite wifi hotspot device at the office, home or vehicle with easy removal. Includes: Mounting plate Wall Bracket Screws ( 2 wood, 2...

    Price: $49.99
  • Protective cover for Iridium GO!
    Not Rated

    Iridium GO! Protective Cover The Iridium GO! protective cover keeps your Iridium GO satellite wifi device protected from heat and scratches. This case fits around the Iridium GO allowing easy use and access to all features while protecting your wifi...

    Price: $29.99
  • DC Auto Charger Adapter for Iridium GO!
    Not Rated

    Iridium GO! DC Car Charger Adapter The Iridium GO! DC Car charger accessory adapter restores full battery to the Iridium GO device and can be used in any operating vehicle. A Iridium GO! USB cable is needed it to connect the DC adapter to the Iridium...

    Price: $29.99
  •  AC Wall Charger for Iridium GO! with International Adapters
    Not Rated

    AC Wall Charger for Iridium GO! with International Plugs Adapters The Iridium  GO! AC travel charger provides rapid charge for the Iridium GO! device; can be used to power the device when the battery is depleted. Charge your Iridium GO! at home,...

    Price: $59.00
  • USB Cable for Iridium Go!
    Not Rated

    Iridium GO! USB Mini Cable The Iridium USB-Mini Cable for the Iridium GO! can be used to charge the Iridium GO! device, data tranfer, and for firmwares upgrades. This accessory is already included in the standard box of the Iridium GO! device. This USB...

    Price: $24.99
  • Iridium go! outdoor USB cable
    Not Rated

    Iridium GO! Outdoor USB Cable The Iridium GO! 5 meter  USB cable is a longer cable designed with a rubber boot for outdoors use.

    Price: $59.00