Iridium GO! Auto DC Charger Adapter

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Iridium GO! DC Car Charger Adapter

The Iridium GO! DC Car charger accessory adapter restores full battery to the Iridium GO device and can be used in any operating vehicle. A Iridium GO! USB cable is needed it to connect the DC adapter to the Iridium GO!.  Plug the auto accessory adapter into a standard 12 VDC accessory socket, then connect the USB Cable to the Iridium GO!.The device will provide a visual indicator when charging. ( USB cable is not included.)

This accessory is already included in the standard box of the Iridium GO! device. 


1.5A  Faster charging

USB Cable Input

Designed for 12V auto outlets

*Part# WAUT1301


Part# WAUT1301

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