Wideye iSavi

The AddValue Wideye iSavi Satellite Wifi Hotspot Connects You to Anything, Anywhere

The new Wideye iSavi Isathub satellite wifi hotspot brings the smallest, and most easy to operate satellite internet device to the world of satellite communication.

Inmarsat's new line of IsatHub Wi-Fi hotspot devices has started with the partnership of Addvalue Wideye to produce their first iSatHub device, which has truly shown the innovation of Wideye through the sleek design, and easy operation of the terminal through both the use of the iSatHub control Apps for smartphones and tablets, and the direct web interface control for laptops. With the combined use of the indicator lights on the front of the iSavi, and the control application, it has never been easier to find and connect to the satellite, and start your data connection.

What The iSavi Includes & Does?

Everything about the new Wideye iSavi will amaze those at its functionality, use, and design. The whole kit including the chargers is half the size of a small netbook, and will fit inside a backpack or even a purse with ease.

The new airtime rates for the iSatHub Wideye iSavi satellite hotspot will make it possible for those that travel outside their country to not worry about wallet breaking data roaming charges, or those that want to have access to all their work email while their on vacation, as well as Oil & Gas industries, or media that constantly need to keep in touch with higher speed connections.

The Wideye iSavi truly is a device that will change how we travel, work, and communicate throughout our new generation of high speed smart devices, and fullfilling the need for a solution that provides an all in one lifestyle device for wherever you are. 

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    Wideye iSavi IsatHub Satellite Internet Wi-Fi Hotspot for Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops by Inmarsat The new Addvalue Wideye iSavi is the first in the new class of IsatHub satellite internet Wi-Fi hotspot that let you connect to your smartphones,...

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