BGAN Link Airtime

The BGAN Link plans offer broadband data service for users who need high monthly volumes of Internet service (Standard IP data) in fixed locations. This service can be used with Class 1 and Class 2 BGAN satellite terminals.

BGAN Link Service Compatible Terminals

Class 1     Cobham Explorer 710, and 700 Hughes 9211 and 9201

Class 2     Cobham Explorer 510 and 500 Hughes 9502 and 9202,

The BGAN link plans are used by private and government organizations and professionals that need BGAN satellite internet service to have access to office applications, such as email, internet, phone, fax and VPN, with an easy setup with no need of an IT expert to operate. The BGAN Link Plans offer two types of plans, global and regional that offer better rates for specific countries. You pay a monthly fee for unlimited 30GB of data  per month using SAC-C for users that want to have constant availability to satellite internet through their BGAN terminal or use Streaming or HDR services.

You can review the different monthly plans available for BGAN Link airtime service that allows you to use Data, Voice and SMS by clicking on the agreement link below. If you are not sure which plan is best for you, feel free to contact us at 877.299.9931, or email at for further assistance.

Once you have purchased your monthly BGAN Link plan, you must sign the agreement and return it to us via email or fax to activate your service.

BGAN Link Global - Unlimited Internet Plans

BGAN Link Geographic - Unlimited Internet Plans

BGAN Link Sub-Sahara - Unlimited Internet Plans

Download BGAN Link Monthly Airtime Service Agreement Here (PDF).