AddValue Fleet One Marine Satellite Terminal

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AddValue Fleet One Marine Satellite Internet & Voice Terminal 

 AddValue Fleet One delivers global voice, IP data up to 100kbps and SMS texting.

Hardware and airtime charges are competitive, with tailored airtime pricing in key coastal regions and pre and post-pay packages to suit your requirements. No lengthy contract is required, supporting seasonal and occasional use.

Standard IP data

Always-on IP data service up to 100kbps for email and internet access, and applications including real-time electronic charts and weather reporting.

Satellite Telephony

One voice line for crystal clear calls, plus SMS up to 160 characters.

Multi-user capability

An optional wireless router supports multiple users via smart devices and laptops.

505 Emergency Calling

Inmarsat’s free 505 Emergency Calling facility puts vessels directly in contact with a maritime rescue co-ordination centre (MRCC).


  • Phone and SMS
  • Email
  • Internet
  • 505 Emergency Calling
  • Vessel routeing
  • Weather forecasts
  • E-logs
  • Maritime/port regulations

Box Content of the AddValue Sailor Fleet One Marine Satellite Internet & Voice Terminal 

  • 403050C-00581 Fleet One Above Deck United (ADU)
  • 403739A-00581 Fleet One Below Deck Unit (BDU)
  • 37-107338 SAILOR 10m Antenna Cable
  • 1m Power cable (10-32V DC input)
  • 83-141368 SAILOR Fleet One CD rom w. UIM,QG,IG
  • Printed Quick Guide 

Additional Acessories: 

  • 403670A-00500 IP Handset incl. cradle, wired. ( Not Included) 


 Fleet One Inmarsat service Coverage Map

The Global Fleet One maritime Inmarsat service offers special low rate prices to any fishing or leisure vessel while inside of the in-region zones marked in green in the map below.

Coverage has been extended for all Fleet One plans to include:

  • All continental coastlines to 200NM or greater
  • Panama, Suez, Malacca out-of-region corridors
  • Inland waterways.

 New 2015 (connections from 1st May 2015) plans will prevent out of region data usage.

The Fleet One antennas will automatically connect to any of the three I-4 satellites without user interaction or change to the service plan. There may be some signal degradation on the edges of the map depending on various atmospheric conditions.

*Fleet One SIM can only be used with a Fleet One terminal.*




Manufacturer: Addvalue Above-deck unit: Height: 22.8cm Diameter: 29.4cm Weight: 2.8kg Below-deck unit: 29.7 x 22.8 x 7.7cm, 2.8kg Voice: 4kbps AMBE+2 Standard IP: Up to 100kbps SMS: Up to 160 characters (3G standard) Interfaces: Ethernet (PoE) RJ-11 RJ-45 NMEA-0183 – GPS output TNC female (BDU), N-type female (ADU) – antenna connectors SIM card slot Status indicator LEDs (4) Power on/off switch DC power input Operational temp: Above-deck unit: -25 °C – +55 °C Below-deck unit: -25 °C – +55 °C

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