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Request RMA or Repair Status

How to request an RMA# for sending in satellite equipment for repair, return, bench testing, ect.

  • Download RMA form or fill out Online here: Download RMA Form or Easy Fill & Send Online RMA Form
  • Please include all information regarding the equipment, problem with equipment, how it has been used or damaged, make of equipment, Network used with equipmwent (such as iridium or inmarsat), and model of equipment, and any other information that might be of concern to our techs to what the problem might be. Remember that if it is a dock or command center that you must send in the power cord. Also make sure you put all contact details such as Full Name, Email Adress, Phone Number, whether your Government, Corporate, Business, Fishing/Boating, or Personal, and any other ways to contact you including return shipping address. *Also Mark the comment box to the "Attn: RMA Request or RMA Status"
  • Call us to request an RMA# to put on your RMA form
  • Print out completed and signed RMA form and either email, scan, or fax back to us fully filled out and signed..NOTE: Any RMA forms not signed will have to be done agin and signed and resent in
  • Please include the completed RMA form inside the box with the equipment along with the RMA # on the outside of the box, and shipped to the address thats on the RMA form marked to the Attn: NorthernAxcess Repair/Returns
  • DO NOT INCLUDE: Any Sim Cards, or Battery Doors. (Things you may include if needed tested for possible problems: Power Cords (especially if sending in a dock or command centre, then sending in power cords is a must or repair cannot be done), Batteries, and Antennas) NOTE: We are NOT responsible for any lost Sim cards sent in with equipment!
  • One of our techs will get back with you within 1-6 hours of this submition or less. If you would like to speak to one of our 24 hour techs directly about your problem then you may call Toll Free:877-299-9931, San Diego, CA:1-619-207-4117, or email us at repairs@northernaxcess.com
  • Lastly by signing you agree to all terms and conditions, Return Policy, and RMA Procedures

How To Check The Status Of A SatCom or SatPhone Repair, Return, or Bench Test RMA

    • Please Fill out the neccessary feilds with RMA#, Full Name that was originally on the RMA form, Phone Nunmber, Email Address, along with putting the make, model, and network of your equipment, along with the problem it had when you sent it in within the comment section or box, and whether your Government, Corporate, Business, Fishing/Boating, or Personal.
    • Please allow 1-6 hours for us to get back with you, or you may contact one of our 24 hour techs as mentioned above at one of the phone numbers or email addresses also mentioned above

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