Cobham Explorer 527 Vehicular BGAN Satellite Data Terminal

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Cobham (Thrane & Thrane ) Explorer 527 BGAN Satellite Internet & Voice Terminal

The Thrane & Thrane BGAN Explorer 527 Terminal is the ultimate vehicular BGAN system. This terminal provides reliable voice and high speed data connectivity; it delivers near maximum bandwidth available on the BGAN network for Standard IP data applications and up to 128kbps for Streaming IP. The Explorer 527 terminal is design with a compact, robust antenna that can be mounted on the roof a vehicle, able to tracks the satellite while moving and comes with a transceiver that can be rack-mounted inside the vehicle for best stability connection. Simultaneously, you can make phone calls and receive faxes, stream video and voice over streaming content while mobile and driving.

 The Explorer 527 Vehicular BGAN terminal is ideal individuals using bandwidth-hungry application such as live video and multi user such as emergency responders, aid, media and other organizations workers from the oil , gas and mining industry. With this unit you can have reliable high speed connectivity while on you are on the move, cruising a highway, driving in the desert or a dirt road you will alway be in touch with friends, work and family.

Explorer 527 operates the same way as a traditional car phone, providing a compact user handset that can be located close to the driver, integrated speaker, microphone and transceiver supporting a professional looking.


  • Simultaneous voice and data communications over BGAN 
  •  High-speed: High-speed data transfer up to 464 kbps
  •  Global coverage 
  •  Support for streaming IP at 32, 64, 128 kbps 
  •  Standard LAN, USB, Bluetooth and phone/fax interfaces 
  •  Easy system setup and operation 
  •  Lightweight, splash and dust proof design 
  •  Robust, reliable and durable design 
  •  Access to Internet, E-mail, Fax and Voice 
  •  Video conferencing and streaming 
  •  Access to corporate servers via VPN 
  •  Easy setup, automatically finds the BGAN network after power-on 
  • Use with phone, fax or laptop 
  • Customizable 
  • Plug and Play capability

Box Contents for the Mobile Explorer 527 BGAN Terminal

Explorer 527 BGAn terminal
Explorer 527 Antenna
Four Mounting Brackets
Four Rubber Pads
Power Cable 2m
Antenna Cable 2.7m, 5m


SPECIFICATIONS • 19’’ 1U rack-mountable casing, approx. 3kg/7lbs •DC input, 10-32V, 70W •Voice and data, Rx/Tx: 464kbps/448kbps (simultaneously) •Control buttons, MMI display and LEDs •System configuration via MMI, or by PC using the built-in web-server •2-wire phone/fax (support of 1 phone from front or back panel) •LAN and various I/O functions •USB service interface •Operating temperature -25°C to +55°C/-13°F to +131°F •Antenna: Fixed or magnetic mounting * Operating temperature -25°C to +55°C/-13°F to +131°F * Waterproof outdoor housing * Approx. 4kg/8lbs •Dimensions: Transceiver: * Dimensions: 19'' 1U rack-mountable casing * Weight: 10.8 lbs (4.9 kg) •Antenna: Dimensions: 20 in x 5 in (5.50 cm x 15 cm) max. height * Weight: 11.5 lbs (5.2 kg) Part# S-37-123413-A

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