Hughes 9250 BGAN Vehicular Satellite Data Terminal

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Hughes HNS 9250 Inmarsat BGAN Vehicular Satellite Internet Terminal

The Hughes 9250 mobile BGAN terminal provides high-speed broadband access while traveling in a vehicle anywhere in the world. This modem is a gateway to global communication allowing you to simultaneously send and receive IP packet and circuit-switched data via Ethernet, Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), and WLAN interfaces.

Delivering near maximum bandwidth available on the BGAN network for Standard IP data applications and up to 128kbps for Streaming IP, the HNS 9250 is a highly effective voice and broadband data connectivity solution for emergency responders, aid, media and other commercial sector organizations requiring communications on the move.

Highlighted Features

  • Fully autonomous tracking antenna acquires and tracks the BGAN satellite signal while on the move
  • Easy antenna installation (magnetic mount) on vehicle roof
  • Includes antenna control unit and all cables and power supplies for vehicular installation
  • Up to 492 kbps shared data rate and 256 kbps streaming IP data rate**
  • Auto context activation feature allows PDP contexts to be activated without user action
  • Internal web MMI for configuration and control without the use of LaunchPad
  • Web MMI is accessible via Wi-Fi enabled PDAs, Blackberrys, and iPhones

Additional Features:

  • ISDN bearer capabilities: speech (4 kbps), 3.1k audio (64 kbps), ISDN data (64 kbps)
  • Allows simultaneous use of all interfaces (Ethernet, ISDN, and WLAN)
  • WLAN access point
  • Multi-user capability (up to 11 simultaneous sessions)
  • Selectable Quality of Service (32 kbps, 64 kbps, 128 kbps, or 256 kbps (elevation angles >45 degrees)

Box Contents for the Mobile Hughes 9250 BGAN Terminal

Tracking antenna including interface box, cable set, and magnetic feet for roof mount.
Cable from Antenna Control Unit (ACU) box to terminal is 4 feet in length
Cable from ACU box to antenna is 14 feet in length
Note: These cable lengths cannot be changed due to the 4dB attentuation required between the terminal and antenna.
Hughes 9250 Broadband Satellite IP Terminal and WLAN Access Point
Vehicular install kit (includes installation hardware)
Rechargeable lithium ion battery pack
DC to DC power supply—powers the satellite modem as well as the tracking antenna.
Ethernet cable
ISDN cable
User guide (PDF file on CD)
Installation CD


Hughes Network Systems Specifications Size: Terminal: 275 x 345mm (2.8kgs) Antenna: 477 x 153mm (5.5kgs) Standard IP: Up to 464kbps (send & receive) Streaming IP: 32, 64, or 128kbps (send & receive) ISDN: 1 x 64kbps Voice: 3.1kHz via ISDN handset Data Interfaces: Ethernet, ISDN, WLAN 802. 11b Ingress protection: IP 56 antenna

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