Iridium Pilot Portable Broadband Satellite Land Station

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Iridium Pilot Portable Broadband Satellite Land Voice and Data Terminal

Iridium Pilot Land Station gives you exceptional performance, durability and value on the ground, anywhere in the world. Iridium Pilot simplifies the world of terrestrial satellite communications, ensuring reliable data speeds and voice quality no matter where need or circumstance takes you, from the mountains to the desert, or any remote location where communications continuity is critical.

Iridium Pilot Land Station is engineered for durability in harsh environments and delivers reliable communications performance and value in a variety of fixed and mobile applications everywhere on the planet.

The Iridium OpenPort broadband service leverages the unique Iridium constellation of 66 cross-linked Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites to ensure high reliability and availability no matter the weather conditions. You can always rely on Iridium to back-up your mission critical communications.

Simple, flexible terrestrial voice and data solution

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Iridium Pilot Land Station Features

Data -Supports data applications such as email, web browsing or social media. Broadband data speeds up to 134 kbps.

Voice- Enhanced voice services that can powers up to three simultaneous voice calls, even during data transmission. 

Easy Installation-Simply mounts on buildings for quick deployment in remote locations.

Durability- Ensures high reliability and availability in extreme weather conditions.

Reliable Communications- Works anywhere in the planet; Whether you are responding to disaster, operating a remote mine, or ensuring business continuity, you will stay connected at all times.

Cost Effective - Iridium Pilot is powered by the Iridium OpenPort broadband service that offers a range of configurable voice and data plans to meet your specific needs.


Markets and Applications 

  • Global business continuity
  • Remote humanitarian aid and education
  • Disaster recovery
  • Science and exploration
  • Oil & gas, mining and forestry
  • Seasonal adventure and recreation

 ** For a look at the Data Sheet and User's Manual that explains all the specs and features of the new Iridium Pilot Land Staion Terminal along with all the fields that it will be good to use, click on the links below.

Iridium Pilot Land Station Installation Guide

Iridium Pilot Land Station Quick Start Guide

Iridium Pilot Land Station User's Manual


Iridium network is a system of 66 LEO (Low Earth Orbiting) active satellites covering the entire earth’s surface moving from pole to pole used for worldwide voice and data communication from hand-held satellite phones and other transceiver units. The Iridium network covers the whole Earth, including poles, oceans and airways. There are many coverage maps depicting the iridium satellite network, but ultimately the iridium network is the only completely true global network available.The design of the Iridium network allows voice and data messages to be routed anywhere in the world. Voice and data calls are relayed from one satellite to another until they reach the satellite above the Iridium handset or terminal and the signal is relayed back to Earth. When an Iridium customer places a call from a handset or terminal, it connects to whatever satellite happens to be overhead, and is relayed among satellites around the globe to whatever satellite is above the appropriate Earth gateway, which downlinks the call and transfers it to the global public voice network or Internet so that it reaches the recipient.


TECHNICAL DATA Broadband Data - <134 kbps Antenna Dimensions - 230 x 570 (mm) Terminal Dimensions – 200 x 250 x 55 Antenna Weight – 11 (kg) Terminal Weight – 1.35 (kg) Operating Temperature- -25°C to +55°C Durability – IP56 (dust and jet water resistant Coverage - Global, pole-to-pole Phone - 3 independent lines for simultaneous use Industry leading 2-year manufacturers limited warranty

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