Sailor SC4000/ST4120 Iridium Satellite Telephone System

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Sailor SC4000/ST4120 Iridium Satellite Fixed Telephone System. 

The Sailor SC4000 Fixed Satellite Phone system and Iridium offers exceptional voice and data communications without distortion, signal delays, immobility or inconvenient links. The Iridium system, on which the SC4000 operates, is the first truly global communications system, which means that no matter where you are and who you want to call, you always have 66 Low Earth Orbit satellites at your disposal. This is not only convenient, but, more important, a crucial safety factor.

The SC4000 is well-suited for all types of vessels from fishing boats, cargo ships, powerboats, yachts and cruise liners; even in remote areas, both on land and at sea. Whether you are relaxing on a yacht, working on a commercial vessel, or sitting in a remote office the SC4000 puts you in closer contact with the world.

The SC4000 provides flexibility in installation and, ease-of-use while withstanding the harshest conditions. As one of the smallest and most compact satellite communications systems designed for any environment, the Sailor SC4000 is a cost-effective complement or convenient alternative to conventional communications.

SAILOR SC4000 Iridium system offers true global coverage and competitive iridium airtime rates, making it the obvious choice for anyone sailing the oceans or along foreign coasts. 

Box Contents for SAILOR SC4000/ST4120

Transceiver Unit-

Control Handset including cradle


1.5m SAILOR power cable MKIV

Installation & Operation Manuals

**Note: We recommend to use the SAILOR N163S Power Supply, 110/220V AC to 24V DC, 7A with this system. Any other power supply used other than the recommended is not supported by us or the manufacturer. You can add it to your purchase for an additional $399.00. Any damage that happened to any Sailor SC4000 unit purchased from NorthernAxcess due to using a non-recommended power supply other than the Sailor N163S power supply, will not be covered by the manufacturer warranty and it will be considered user error damage. 

INTELLIGENT HANDSET: The Sailor SC4150 is a handset and control unit in one. It features a logic menu structure and is easy to use as it is operated in exactly the same way as a conventional mobile phone. It can operate with as many as four handsets, making it possible to use the system anywhere on board.

TRANSCEIVER : The smart, ruggedized transceiver contains an L-band transceiver (LBT) and a built-in SIM card reader unit designed for the small SIM cards used in most types of mobile phones. Part # 404120A-00500

ANTENNA: The SC4000  cobham antenna is very sturdy. It has no moving parts, and the helix construction is coated with glass-enforced epoxy, which is highly weather-resistant and able to withstand the extreme conditions at sea. The fact that the antenna can always ”see” three satellites ensures good contact at all times and guarantees a clear signal irrespective of the distance between the communicating parties.

Sailor SC4000/ST4120 Iridium Telephone System Featuressailor-sc4000-iridium-fixed-terminal-with-laptop-handset-pbx.jpg

Flexible Communications

Up to four advanced SAILOR SC4150 handsets can be connected. Other connections include RS232 serial interface for PC and NMEA input.

Data capability

The standard data capability of SAILOR SC4000 Iridium system is 2.4 kbps and can be turned up to 10 kbps by accessing Iridium's 9.6 kbps compressed data service. Beside basic e-mail exchange, it supports the PC based Iridium SMS service for short text message communication with other Iridium phones.

Global crew calling

SAILOR SC4000 Iridium supports a wide selection of crew calling plans and prepaid scratch-cards so you can provide an on-board telephone box. Each crew member can manage and control their own costs directly, so you will not have to worry about individual billing and administration costs.

Compact robust design

SAILOR SC4000 Iridium is designed specifically for the harsh maritime environment and features an antenna with no moving parts and an easy to install and access transceiver in a metal housing. Experience reliable operation regardless of weather conditions.

Simple to Use

The easy menu navigation and large LCD display of the handset offers simple, intuitive operation whilst the ability to add a PABX means that you can use any phone on-board to make Iridium calls.

Vessel tracking

SAILOR SC4000 Iridium is Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) compatible with the addition of the SAILOR H4122 SSAS kit, without the need for signing up to any other subscriptions.

Also this unit can deliver GPS positions or be tracked at any time within regular intervals configured on ship or from shore; ideal for fleet tracking and improving vessel efficiency. With the dedicated SAILOR Iridium SSAS Box and alert buttons connected to the SAILOR SC4000 Iridium System,the IMO requirements for an SSAS system(Ship Security Alert System) can be fulfilled.


sailor-sc4000iridum-antenna-in-a-boat.jpg                              sailor-sc4000-with-handset-used-in-a-vessel.jpg

  • Sailor SC4000/ST4120 Iridium Satellite  Telephone System Support Documents

Sailor SC4000 Iridium Product Sheet  

Sailor SC4000 Iridium Manual 


TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Frequency range Terminal - Satellite 1616 -1626.5 MHz (L-Band) Intersatellite 23.18 - 23.38 GHz (Ka-Band) Modulation Voice/data 2.4 kbit/s O-QPSK Compressed data 10 kbit/s O-QPSK POWER SPECIFICATIONS Power supply 10 - 32V DC Power consumption Tx: 25 W Stand-by 8 W ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS Temperature ADE -35°C to +55°C Relative humidity Up to 95% at 40°C Icing (survival only) Up to 25mm of ice Precipitation Up to 100mm/hour Wind (velocity) Up to 100 knots Vibration IME: 2 - 50 Hz +/- 1g EME: 4 - 33 Hz +/- 1g ST4120 TRANSCEIVER UNIT Interfaces Handset RS-485, 8-wire, 600 Ω Telephone/PABX Rj-11, 2-wire, 600 Ω Data (for PC) RS232 (standard serial) Position information NMEA 0183 Set-up, SMS configuration Via PC connection and software Dimensions HxWxD: 309 x 150 x 87 mm HxWxD: 12.2 x 5.9 x 3.4 inch Weight 2.7 kg (6 lbs.) SC4150 CONTROL HANDSET Dimensions HxWxD: 68.5 x 209 x 66.5 mm HxWxD: 2.7 x 8.2 x 2.6 inch SA4110 ANTENNA UNIT General specifications Helical, omnidirectional antenna 210° (3 dB bandwidth) Antenna dome Fiberglass Link margin 16 dB Elevation angle from any direction 20° from horizontal Yaw Satellite elevation > 8° Dimensions Ø: 96 mm (3.8”) Height: 140 mm (5.5” Part # 404120A-00500

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