See The Iridium 9505A Satellite Phone In The American Sniper Movie

See The Iridium 9505A Satellite Phone In The American Sniper Movie

Posted by NorthernAxcess Satellite Communications on 22nd Nov 2015

See The Iridium 9505A Satellite Phone In The American Sniper Movie

Iridium 9505A and American Sniper Movie

The Movie American Sniper Shows or depicts the Iridium 9505A Satellite Phone In Real World situations as a huge life saving device, and also a device to keep moral up among military that are away from their family for long periods of time. 

Clint Eastwoods American Sniper movie shows iridium 9505A in real life military situations as a perfect keep in touch and life saving device

Understanding How To Use Satellite Phones Work and Knowing Their Limitations

However, in many movies when you see them using satellite phones, they make it look like these devices can be used with the antenna pointed down or depressed, or used inside a building, or covered bunker, ect., which makes other people think these satellite phones can be used beyond or out of certain limits.

Even though Iridium satellite phones are the largest and most global satellite network out there, every satellite system has its limits , such as not being able to be used inside buildings,..that is, without an external antenna, an external antenna adapter, and a cable that runs outside to connect to the antenna and the device to give you sufficient signal from under cover.

So coming from a company that works with movie companies and sends out sat phones as props for movies, I think we need to spend more time making sure things seen in real life situations as how they really would work, such as there are quick deployment kits that we have that has an antenna on a tripod, with a certain amount of cable that can be ran to an outside position or higher position,..but most of all clients need to make sure you know how to use their satellite phones, know its limits and capabilities when the time comes.

So we have already started a support page that will continue to grow as well as redesign our site to make it easier to help clients to go through our site from any device, but we will begin a training through videos, support docs, and more.

So, we want to start by asking you, the customers:

1. What you would like to see on video, documents, or as a personal training session, in which we come to you to personally train you and your team to make you know and understand how satellite phones or satellite communication devices work and can be used the best.

2. What type of models would you like to see or be trained in on the things mentioned above?

3. Are you looking for a custom solution?

To Schedule a training of any kind or for movie props or product placement, please feel free to call us and our technicians, and we would be glad to assist you in your needs, and schedule a good time to help.

To do that click our 'Contact US' section here to get a hold of us in any way.