Iridium GO! support manuals on how to set up your hotspot with your iPhone or Android device

Posted by NorthernAxcess Satellite Communications on 25th Jul 2014

Iridium has released the Support Manuals that describe how to set up your Iridium GO! hotspot with your IOS iPhone, or Android device today, so we are providing these documents especially to our clients that have been waiting, so that they can read through it and know what to do by the time it gets to you by early next week.

For our Clients you will also be glad to know that the Iridium Go!'s have already been shipped to us and should arrive on Tuesday the 28th of next week, with all preorders going out that same day providing they get in early enough.

You can download the appropriate documents to your cellular phone, as well as learn how to set up the Iridium Mail and Web Application that is a presentation that describes how to set up your email address, and account with the program, as well as get your other application set up for out of the box readiness.

The support documents that we have here below are also on our support page, but we decided to put it all here in one spot to make it easier for you to get to it by just grabbing everything for your new Iridium GO! right here.

For add support for the iridium Go such as FAQ's, and Manuals's, you can also follow the links below:

*For things to remember:

1. The price of the Iridium GO! will be going up after it has officially arrived, so if you want to get the iridium GO!, now is the time to save some money, and get it shipped out by tuesday

2. Also for those that have Iridium 9575 Extreme satellite phones, or 9555 satellite phones, we are doing special upgrading to get you into the new Iridium GO!.

  • For the Iridium Extreme 9575 as long as it works , no matter the condition we will give you the Iridium Go! for $400 dollars even. If you have anything extra for the 9575 then its something we can discuss,
  • Also for those with the Iridium 9555 , as long as it works, in ok condition, then we can get you the Iridium GO! for around $500, unless you have some added items or accessories.
  • To follow through with the trade-in Process you will need to go to our Main Repair page at Satellite Phone and BGAN Repairs, and download the RMa form from there, and instead of putting an RMA #, just put Iridium GO! Trade In, and your Model Phone in the areas provided, along with all contact info.

**Once again we would like to thank all of our patient and loyal clients who put in preorders with us, because the business is based partially on you, and partially on how we take care of you. 

So we would like to ask if all of those of our clients that have the time to add a small comment to our Facebook Page and a like, we would truly appreciate it very much. Our Facebook Page is here at NorthernAxcess Facebook Page Link.

So again if you need anything else, or have any questions regarding anything at all, then please feel free to call at anytime of the day, our support technicians are always available to help...

So to all of our new clients of the Iridium GO! preorders, ...we would like to thank you, and welcome you to the NorthernAxcess Family.


The NorthernAxces Team


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