Iridium GO! news release on issues noticed with Iridium GO wifi Hotpost at this time

Posted by NorthernAxcess Satellite Communications on 5th Aug 2014

Noted Issues for Iridium GO Satellite WiFi Hotspot At This Time:

Ok, so we just wanted to post some noted issues that we have been seeing, and experiencing with the iridium GO since its release.

Basically, as you all know with anything new that also has to run on an application on either IOS Apple iPhones, or Android Phones, there can always be differences in backwards compatibility with older models, or models that have older, or possibly newer firmware. This is also the case whenever setting up a website these days, meaning you always have to worry about any of the coding that you use in the backend to be backwards compatible with older versions of lets say like, 'Internet Explorer 5', when most people are at least running 'Internet Explorer 9-10'

So likewise the applications designed have to be backwards compatible to devices like the iPhone 3 that might only be able to run the old 4.0, or 5.0 firmware, and the same goes with Android firmware which constantly changes versions.

Apple IOS iphone noted Issues with iridium GO:

So what we have noticed at this time, and have already passed this on to Iridium themselves, as well as many other areas is that the Iridium GO seems to be having a muting issue with model iPhone 4 on IOS 7.1.2. The unit has been tested on an iPhone 4S with firmware 7.1.1, and it works fine, as well as the iPhone 5 models.

So basically on the iPhone 4 only model running IOS 7.1.2, the Iridium GO has experienced an issue that when placing a call the caller cannot hear you, or when taking a call on the iridium GO the caller cannot hear you, although the Iridium GO user can hear the caller.

Android phone noted Issues with iridium GO:

Another issue we have noticed is that on particular older android devices, when logging into the iridium GO with the default Username and Password, which is 'guest', 'guest' in all lower case that it will fail to log in. If this happens to you, then uninstall the Iridium GO Applications, as well as do a manual 'Reset To Factory Defaults' on the Iridium GO device , which can be accessed through the menu buttons on the front of the iridium GO device. After that, then reboot your Android device, and reinstall the 'Iridium GO' applications, then reboot the phone again. Also make sure before you log in to the wifi hotspot of the Iridium GO device that you turn off all Bluetooth (The Same Goes with IOS devices experiencing anything at all ). Once you have done all that then access the wifi hotspot through the settings of your phone, and login again through the Application with the default Username (guest ), and Password (guest ) again.

As with any backwards compatibility issues with applications these days, it can usually be resolved fairly quickly, and at least it won't need a firmware update on the iridium Go device itself. 

So to any of those out there, especially our clients, or any other owners of the Iridium GO, if you are having any noted issues that seem to be related to this type of thing,..Please call us and let us know immediately so we can log the details, and get it over to the Iridium CEO, as well as their Service Technicians, and other Direct Providers so that the issues can be noted, and resolved as quickly as possible.

This is something where we need to hear from all of you, being the fact that this is a new device, and an evolution in satellite communication at the same time. So call us and let us know, even if your not with us, because we can help get it resolved due to our contacts. All of our agents our Technicians so it doesn't have to take long.

So Help Play your Part, so we can all make sure the Iridium GO and you are able to move forward with 'Untethering Satellite Communications Together'

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