YellowBrick Bluetooth Iridium Satellite tracker and messenger

Posted by NorthernAxcess Satellite Communications on 14th Oct 2013

yellowbrick-iridium-satellite-tracker-and-messenger.pngNorthernAxcess now carries the YellowBrick. This is a device that lets you use your iphone or Android device to connect via bluetooth and send/receive text, and email messages through the totally global Iridium satellite network. The Yellowbrick is also very rugged, and water resistant, which makes this unit very popular with boaters, and boat races. Most boat races these days will not allow their captains to be in the race without a yellowbrick, which sometimes the racing commission actually provides for them. It is easy to use and carry, and also has an emergency S.O.S. button that will call emergency response teams to your rescue if needed. The web interface which allows your friends and family to see your updated locations all along the way is veryuser freindly, and informative. It allows the yellowbrick owner to blog  with the device and have it show the details on the web interface. After using mostly all of the Bluetooth tracking units available out on the iridium network, this one really stands out, and is easy to use. One of the nicest things about the YellowBrick is that it is completely PrePaid. You basically pay for a bundle of units, and pick the amount of time you want to use the device such as 1 month or 3 months ect...and its operational for that time frame. Also if you do not use all the units you have purchased then they will still be available foryou when your ready to use it next. It sells for around $850,and has no contracts.