Thuraya 2500 Unit Prepaid Voucher

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Thuraya 2500 Unit Prepaid Voucher

The Thuraya 2500 unit prepaid voucher includes 2500 units that you can add to your prepaid thuraya airtime sim card. You can purchase as many vouchers as you need. After placing your order we will send the PIN code to activate your voucher within 24 business hours.

You can receive the PIN code to activate your voucher via email, give it to you over the phone or by sending a SMS to your Thuraya phone. If you select the SMS option, you must provide your Thuraya satellite phone number in the options section.

 Subscribers must have Active Thuraya Prepay SIM Card and the data service enabled in order to use this service.

 Coverage area: Africa, Middle East, Europe, Asia, India, Australia

The Thuraya phone offers a wide range of services including voice, data, fax, short messaging and location determination.

General Information

  • The validity of the voucher is 12 months.

  • There is no activation fee to use the voucher.

  •  Free incoming SMS

  •  To use Data/Fax services you will be assigned two numbers, one for receiving data, and another for receiving fax   calls.

Credit Validity

  • Credit validity period is the number of days that a prepaid customer must use the voucher credit to make calls, send SMS, and access other Thuraya services.

  • Unused credit in the account will expire at the end of the credit validity period. The credit balance will be reset to zero on credit expiry date.

  • Credit validity period is cumulative when topping up with multiple refill cards. The maximum credit validity period is 18 months.

How to recharge your prepaid accounts with Thuraya Prepaid Vouchers

The Prepaid Voucher is a 14 digit PIN code that you will receive via email, over the phone or to your Thuraya phone. Once you receive your PIN code follow the steps below.

1)  Dial 150 from your Thuraya phone and follow the instructions

2)  Enter the 14 digit code followed by the # key

3)  A voice message notifies you of your credit.

To check your remaining credits:

*Dial 151

Terms and Conditions

  • Account is refillable with any of the available scratch card denominations. Each scratch card denomination has a corresponding credit validity period.

  • If no first call is made, the account is kept alive for 6 months before final deactivation

  • The coverage areas are Africa, Middle East, Europe, Central Asia, and India.

  • The Thuraya voucher is E-Refill only.

  • Orders for prepaid airtime and scratch cards are NON-RETURNABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE.


Calling from Thuraya to Thuraya - 1 units/min Calling from Thuraya to Band 1 Countries - 1.5 units/min Calling from Thuraya to Band 2 Countries - 5.00 units/min Calling from Thuraya to Band 3 Countries - 8.00 units/min SMS - 0.5 units/message Data/fax - same as calls Free to receive calls and text GMPRS data - 5 units per Mb, billed in 10kb increments Calls billed in 60 second increments No charge to receive calls & text messages - Band 1 Countries: All Countries not on Band 2 or 3 lists. - Band 2 Countries: Cuba, East Timor, Globalstar, Inmarsat Legacy Services (A, B, M, mini M) - Band 3 Countries: Ascension, Cook Is., Diego Garcia, Inmarsat (GAN, BGAN, FBB, GSPS), Iridium, Kiribati, Montserrat, Nauu Is., Niue, Western Samoa, Sao Tome, Soloman Is., St. Helena, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Wallis and Futuna.

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