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The New Inmarsat Fleet One Service Rules Have Changed as of May

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Inmarsat's New Fleet One Service for small or close to shore vessels has changed as of May - Please Read

Coverage has been extended for all Fleet One prepaid or monthly plans to include:

  • All continental coastlines to 200NM or greater
  • Panama, Suez, Malacca out-of-region corridors
  • Inland waterways

( See the new coverage map below: )

  • Eligibility to use Fleet One has been increased to include all vessels below 500 GRT
  • New 2015 plans will prevent out of region data usage and stop bill shock!(connections from 1st May 2015)
  • Network will block data usage
  • Voice rates for 2015 plans will have a single global rate(connections from 1st May 2015)

Subscriptions connected prior to May 1st 2015 will continue or be grandfathered in with old plans to be able to use voice and data out of region at a higher rate, if you would like to change to the new plan structure please contact us to arrange migration to the new plan if required

Call us at NorthernAxcess with any questions on your existing or the new Fleet One plans at 1-619-207-4117

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