NorthernAxcess becomes distribution partner for AddValue & Wideye

NorthernAxcess becomes distribution partner for AddValue & Wideye

Posted by NorthernAxcess Satellite Communications on 21st Jul 2015

NorthernAxcess becomes distribution partner for AddValue & Wideye

NorthernAxcess has become a distribution partner for AddValue the makers of Wideye equipment. 

NorthernAxcess, has become a distribution partner for AddValue who are manufacturers and innovators of the most recent revolutionary satellite communication equipment such as the Wideye ISavi Inmarsat IsatHub, which is the first of its kind to produce a 3G highspeed satellite wifi hotspot for use with smartphones, or smart devices, and laptops.

By manufacturing this terminal they have done many things for the industry of satellite internet communications going forward, such as making one of the most affordable and portable devices you can get that lets you access 3G speed data across the globe on the inmarsat network that attracts those like business travelers, corporations, guides for mountains or other countries, sub-contracted media journalists and photographers for companies like National Geographic or Discovery Channel, and basically anyone that needs an affordable portable office with them wherever they go. The price per data usage or per megabyte is also less with the iSavi making it more attractive to the average small data user, or short term users. Find out more about the iSavi Here at:  Wideye iSavi Inmarsat iSatHub 3G Hotspot

As a distribution partner NorthernAxcess will bring you all featured AddValue and AddValue Wideye products with competitive pricing

AddValue manufactures a wide range of Land, Marine, Vehicular, and Portable satcom products in the same categories as manufacturers like Cobham, Hughes, Intellion and more. 

AddValue and their innovative line of products provide these similar products at alternative more affordable pricing than other satellite communication equipment manufacturers.

NorthernAxcess will be working at making all AddValue and Wideye Products available to all our customers by working diligently to add all the rest of these to our site as of this week. So if you don't see one of their products your looking for listed on our site, then feel free to call us at 1-619-207-4117 and you can order it over the phone. We will be providing price matching, and competitive rates on all AddValue and AddValue Wideye satellite communications equipment, and as of August will be running specials for their products for all clients and dealers alike.

Some of the Featured AddValue and Wideye AddValue Products, are listed here below ( some have links ):

Land Terminals:

Vehicular Terminals:

Marine Terminals:

To See Current AddValue Products click here :  AddValue Products

To See Current Wideye AddValue Products click here:  Wideye AddValue Products

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