New Fleet One Prepaid Plans at NorthernAxcess

New Fleet One Prepaid Plans at NorthernAxcess

Posted by NorthernAxcess Satellite Communications on 22nd Jul 2015

New Fleet One Prepaid Plans at NorthernAxcess

The New FleetOne Prepaid Airtime Plans at NorthernAxcess let you buy 10 MB's up to 1 GB at affordable rates with no monthly contracts

Inmarsat's new Fleet One service for small and closer to shore vessels have now added a new line up of affordable low to high data prepaid cards that let you control your spending limit without any monthly or yearly service contracts.

These prepaid cards have been the most popular thing about the new Feet One service, and unitil now only included the 10 megabyte prepaid card that lasted for 30 days. Well now Fleet One owners have some more prepaid airtime plans to choose from that will let them run there office, or keep in touch while at sea much easier.

The NorthernAxcess new Fleet One Prepaid Service Plans are here below as follows:


  • 10 MB 100 Minutes:  $59.00 /Valid for 30 Days
  • 50 MB 500 Minutes:  $250.00 /Valid for 30 Days
  • 60 MB 600 Minutes:  $320.00 /Valid for 90 Days
  • 200 MB 2,000 Minutes:  $890.00 Valid for 90 Days
  • 300 MB 3,000 Minutes:  $1,190 /Valid for 180 Days
  • 1 GB - 10,000 Minutes:  $3,490 /Valid for180 Days

NOTE: As we work diligently to add these new Fleet One Prepaid Service Plans to our website you will not see them in the Fleet One Prepaid Airtime section as of yet.

So please be patient while we add these new fleet one prepaid plans as well as also options for reloading the Fleet One prepaid service cards on our website as well.

Until then if you need to purchase or buy one of these prepaid plans that are above ( Except for the $59 10 MB card - This one is already added ) then please call us and we will do the purchase for you over the phone at 1-619-207-4117, or our toll free number at 877-299-9931. For questions on the plans feel free to write us through our Contact Us Page, and we will respond promptly.

NOTE:*This also goes for any other New and existing Products in which you do not see on our website. It's a long tedious job entering in all the New products and keeping up with all the old ones at the same time, so again if there is a satellite communication product, terminal, airtime service, accessory, or anything else that is not on our site, that does not mean we do not carry it, so please call, or go to the 'Estimate Request' under our Contact us section and send us a note for anything you do not see.


The NorthernAxcess Team