New Alert for Iridium Prepaid Subscribers that May Affect You

New Alert for Iridium Prepaid Subscribers that May Affect You

Posted by NorthernAxcess Satellite Communications on 4th Dec 2016

New Alert for Iridium Prepaid Subscribers that May Affect You

Important Alert for Iridium Prepaid Subscribers..."May affect you"

As of January 1st 2017 Iridium's most popular & affordable global 222 min. 1 year service sat-phone prepaid card will be discontinued. *Along with this, the popular Alaska/Canada 'Northern Lights' card will be increased in price, & the 'Southern Cross' card will also be discontinued.

What This Means For You?,.....

Many of our iridium clients were able to benefit from its 222 Global minutes, 12 months of service & most affordable rate for an emergency card.

As of now,..December 28, 2016 is the last day to either reload or purchase a global 222 minute 1 year prepaid sim at a "Reduced Price' of $459.99. Use COUPON CODE: NAX222

PLEASE NOTE: Any 222 minute global prepaid card that is "RELOADED" will start with a fresh 222 minutes, & will not merge any remaining minutes from your previous card.

What Will Take Its Place As A Similar Global, 1 Yr Prepaid Card?

Starting now you can purchase the 300 minute 1 Year global card for the 'Reduced Price' of $579.99. Use 'COUPON CODE': NAX300 To buy now click the link area marked

'Buy iridium 300 Min Prepaid card'

To replenish your card you can contact us at 877-299-9931, or do it online in the Iridium reload section here.

For any questions on how this change could affect you or your renewal, call us at 877-299-9931, or email

Take advantage of Iridium's most affordable & popular 12 month/1 year 222 Global Prepaid card while it still lasts. Purchase/Reload today, or Choose to select a combo kit below. Offer valid until December 28th 2016.

Get Iridium's 222 min./1 Year Card                   Iridium 9575 Freedom Kit                      Iridium 9555 Freedom Kit


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