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Get a Free Wideye iSavi iSatHub Portable Satellite Internet Terminal In The NorthernAxcess Give Away Contest

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NorthernAxcess is having a contest that will give the winner a FREE 'Wideye iSavi iSatHub' portable satellite internet terminal that is valued at $1,350.

The Contest NorthernAxcess Satellite Communications is having requires anyone interested in participating to be someone that has a use for this type of satellite internet device, such as someone that is a worldwide photographer, videographer, leisure traveler, extreme sports photo journalist, or any type of outdoor photographer or journalist, and have abilities in creating professional videos, or organizing heartfelt photos and videos using any type of software they choose, which can combine music in the background.

This contest requires a 35-60 second video set to photos , and videos set to worldwide situations, scenery, outdoor sports, life saving organizations, military situations that require satellite communications to be used, space & technology driven scenes, scenes/photos from bad weather, fires, or any type of situations that require equipment of this nature to be used in areas that do not have cellular signal, or situations like earthquakes that have knocked out any type of land based cellular infrastructure, or anything else.

for any information on the satellite communication life saving industry, for Marine, Land, Vehicualr, Aviation sectors, and any other extreme clients that use such equipment such as , hurricane chasers, fire-fighters, many others sectors, or our business at NorthernAxcess that is a minority woman owned business that is also one of iridium satellite networks authorized repair centers, then please feel free to give us a call at 877-299-9931, or 1-619-207-4117, or email us at info@northernaxcess.com at anytime for what we might be looking for, or where you can look or search for information on our satcomm industry.

*we do have 2 certain theme music backgrounds that we would like to use which we can send you upon email, or contact.

We look forward to working and meeting anyone interested in this contest, and the winner will also have an entire write up written on them on our website with links to their own web presence or work.

Again, call at 877-299-9931, or 1-619-207-4117, or email us at info@northernaxcess.com at anytime

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